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Florennes 1991

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Date: 23 June 1991

Made by: Stephan v/d Krommenacker


A55				Al 2			nn
AT26				Alpha Jet		O&T Wing
B04		LD		Bn2a			16 Sqn
BA27				Mirage 5BA		8 Sqn
BD04				Mirage 5BD		8 Sqn
BR22				Mirage 5BR		42 Sqn
FA122				F16A			2 Sqn
FA131				F16A			1 Sqn
FB21				F16B			1 Sqn
FU144		"FU52/YL-P"	F84F			ex BLu.
MT49				Cm170			O&T Wing
ST26				Sf260MB			5 Sqn
A002				A35XD			Esk 725
136225,136231			CH136			444 Sqn
188757				CF18			1 Cad
612		33-NJ		Mirage F1CR		Er 2/33
121				Mirage F1CG		114 Mira
37+41				F4F			Jg 74
41+06				Alpha Jet		Jbg 41
44+53				Tornado			Jbg 32
45+36,74			Tornado			Mfg 2
5509				A7P			302 Esc
C11-6		11-6		Mirage 3EE		Ala 11
CE11-27	11-72			Mirage 3BE		Ala 11
XX970		EH		Jaguar GR1		6 Sqn
XW322		D		Jet Provost T5B		6 Fts
XX280				Hawk T1A		1 Fts
XX309				Hawk T1A		4 Fts
XV472		A		Phantom FGR2		56 Sqn
ZE729		BF		Tornado F3		29 Sqn
ZF269				Tucano T1		Cfs
69-0258/SP			F4G			81 TFS
81-0045/CR			F15C			32 TFS
72-1444/LN			F111F			494 TFS

CH09				C130H			20 Sqn
CS03				Hs748srs2A		21 Sqn
LB06				L21B			Lucht Cadetten
RS04				Sea King		40 Sqn

FA56,64				F16A			23 Sqn
FA104,121			F16A			nn
188928				CF188B			1 Cad
660		33-ND		Mirage F1CR		Er 2/33
135				Mirage F1CG		114 Mira
J616,864			F16A			311 Sqn
XV420		O		Phantom FGR2		56 Sqn
69-7228/SP,7260/SP		F4G			81 TFS
69-7291/SP			F4G			81 TFS
79-0029/CR			F15C			32 TFS
85-1473/RS			F16C			512 TFS
70-2378/LN			F111F			494 TFS

FA100,113			F16A			2 Sqn
FB24				F16B			1 Sqn

Shelter aerea:
FU50,91,154,179			F84F			ex BLu.
FR27				Rf84F			ex BLu.

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