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Florennes 1992

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Date: 12 September 1992

Made by: Ben Uffen


AT-05           	Alpha Jet       	9Wing     
BA-08                   Mirage 5BA              nb        
BR-27                   Mirage 5BR              42sm      
CH-09                   C130H                   20sm      
CS-03                   HS748-2A                21sm      
FA-25                   F16A                    349sm     
FA-98                   F16A                    2sm       
FA-99                   F16A                    1sm       
FA-100  	        F16A                    2sm       
FA-102                  F16A                    2sm       
FA-103                  F16A                    1sm       
FA-104                  F16A                    2sm       
FA-107                  F16A                    1sm       
FA-108                  F16A                    2sm       
FA-109                  F16A                    1sm       
FA-111                  F16A                    1sm       
FA-114                  F16A                    2sm       
FA-115                  F16A                    1sm       
FA-116                  F16A                    2sm       
FA-118                  F16A                    2sm       
FA-120                  F16A                    2sm       
FA-122                  F16A                    2sm       
FA-128                  F16A                    2sm       
FA-129                  F16A                    1sm       
FA-132                  F16A                    2sm       
FA-133                  F16A                    1sm       
FA-134                  F16A                    2sm       
FA-135                  F16A                    1sm       
FA-136                  F16A                    2sm       
FB-03                   F16B                    OCS       
FB-14                   F16B                    nb        
FB-21                   F16B                    1sm       
FB-22                   F16B                    2sm       
FX-83                   F104G                   Decoy     
FX-85                   F104G                   Decoy     
MT-37                   CM170                   nn        
RS-04                   Sea King Mk48           40sm      
ST-45                   SF260D  	        5sm       
H06                     A109HO  	        BLa       
FU-66                   F84F                    Preserved 
FU-108  	        F84F                    Preserved 
E-005                   F16A                    nn        
10/13-PB                Mirage 5F               EC2/13    
35+77                   RF4E                    AG52      
37+45                   F4F                     JBG35     
40+11                   Alpha Jet               JBG43     
43+98                   Tornado 	        JBG31     
J-145                   F16A                    314Sqn    
L-02                    PC7                     EMVO      
672                     F16A                    331Skv    
682                     F16A                    331Skv    
C.14-15/14-15           Mirage F1CE             Ala14     
XX309                   Hawk T1 	        nb        
VP981                   Devon C2                BoBMF     
ZE785/AO                Tornado F3              56Sqn     
ZE789/AW                Tornado F3              229OCU    
XZ219                   Lynx AH7                AAC       

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