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Florennes 2001

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Date: 1/2 September 2001

Made by: Scramble, A.C. Streef


Absolute stars of the flying program were these two B-1B Lancers (86-0101/DY and 86-0109/DY). They were also attending the show at Hradec Kralove and were "doing" Florennes on their way back. Although one B-1 can be seen quite often at airshows, a formation of two of these mighty bombers is very rare.

Photo: Paul Downes

More pictures of this airshow, see f4 Aviation

E-606			F-16A		nb                     
2921	                MiG-29G		JG73                   
3812	                F-4F		JG71                   
4421	                Tornado IDS	JBG31, spec c/s
4535	                Tornado IDS	MFG2           
A104/7-HM		Jaguar A	EC01.007
325/4-CC, 361/4-CL	Mirage 2000N	EC03.004
47			SuperEtendard	17F
140	                F-16C		346 Mira   
MM55037/32-64		AMX-T		101°Gr             
MM55073/61-141	        MB339CD		212°Gr             
MM54232/4-29	        TF-104G-M	20°Gr      
MM54237/4-32	        TF-104G-M	20°Gr      
MM7047/50-43	        Tornado IDS	155°Gr     
025/CNA-MC	        CN235M-100	MorocAF/3sq
69-7510		        RF-4E		173 Filo           
69-7526		        RF-4E		173 Filo           
XX484/CU-566	        Jetstream T2	750sq      
81-0983/SP	        A-10A		81st FS            
86-0166/LN	        F-15C		493rd FS           
J-5017		        F/A-18C		nb                 
J-5233, J-5237	        F/A-18D		nb                 
A37			SE3130		wfu, mobile exhibit   
AT30	                Alpha Jet E	1w            
B09/LI	                BN-2B-21	16BnHLn       
FA47	                F-16A		1sm, spec c/s         
FA61	                F-16AM	        23sm, spec c/s      
FA67/FS	                F-16AM	        2w                  
FA71	                F-16AM	        350sm, spec c/s     
FA73	                F-16AM	        nn                  
FA104/FS	        F-16AM	        2w                  
FA118/FS	        F-16A	        2w                  
FB12/FS		        F-16B	        2w                  
FX94	                F-104G	        pres, mobile exhibit
MT49	                CM170	        pres, mobile exhibit
ST44	                SF260D	        5sm                 
G-BWVZ	                Chipmunk T10	ex RAF WK590  
G-IIIG	                A75 Stearman	as USAAF "309"
OO-BPL	                SV-4B		ex BAF V52            
OO-DAF "H-50"	        AT-16		ex RNethAF B-84       
OO-LED, OO-LEE	        SV-4E		nn                    
RA-01453	        Yak-52		nn                    

Old runway West end:
603			An-26		89VSE
ZH885			Hercules C5	LTW
CH01, CH02*		C-130H		20sm
CS01*			HS748-2A	21sm
F-AZDX*			B-17G		ex USAAF 44-8846
* = also flying

Static old runway:
3863/AER		SA342M		6RHC
Q-13			AH-64DN		301sq
ZJ121/E			Merlin HC3	28sq
XV656/N-187		S.King AEW2A	849sq
XZ922/PW-701		S.King HAS6	819sq
ZF339			Tucano T1	1FTS
95-26644		UH-60L		2-1st AVN
87-0473			AH-64A		1-1st AVN
M1/OT-ZPA		SA316B		40sm, spec mks
H43			A109HA		17BnHATk

Old runway East end:
(1518)/AFB		SA341F		6RHC                 
XZ248/638	        Lynx HAS3S	702sq        
XZ693/639	        Lynx HAS3S	702sq        
ZH838		        Merlin HM1	824sq/nb     
A72		        SA318C		SLV                  
H32		        A109HA		18BnHATk             
PL73		        Pegase 101	Luchtkadetten
HA-ANI		        An-2P		St. Antonov Ned.     

Flightline static side:
2920			MiG-29G		JG73, spec c/s      
3798		        F-4F		JG71                
4332		        Tornado IDS	JBG31       
24/33-FD	        Mirage F1C	EC03.033    
103/33-FU	        Mirage F1C	EC03.033    
514/33-FZ	        Mirage F1B	EC03.033    
18/5-OF		        Mirage 2000C	EC02.005    
506/5-OD	        Mirage 2000B	EC02.005    
ZD433/45	        Harrier GR7	20(R)sq     
ZE295/AY	        Tornado F3	56(R)sq     
ZE758/YI	        Tornado F3	5sq         
86-0160/LN	        F-15C		493rd FS            
AT24		        Alpha Jet E	1w          
AT26		        Alpha Jet E	1w, spec c/s
FA49		        F-16A		2w                  
FA89		        F-16AM		2w                  
FA131/FS, FA133/FS	F-16A		2w
MT04, MT13		CM170		7sm, Red Devils c/s
MT14			CM170		7sm, silver/blue c/s
MT40, MT48		CM170		7sm, Red Devils c/s

Flightline far side:
ET-626			F-16B		nb
R45/61-MQ		C-160R		ET01.061	2nd only
143			F-16C		356 Mira
XV295			Hercules C1	LTW	2nd only
XV304			Hercules C3	LTW	1st only
FA55/FS, FA69		F-16A		2w
FA75/FS			F-16AM		2w
FA87, FA88		F-16AM		2w
FA127/FS		F-16A		2w
H06			A109HO		17BnHATk
H36			A109HA		17BnHATk
RS05			SeaKing Mk48	Bel.AF 40Sq. spcl.
F-AZOO "127/DU-J"	Vampire FB6	ex SwissAF J-1127
F-AZOP "192/DU-M"	Vampire FB6	ex SwissAF J-1192
G-BVPP "XR993"		Gnat T1		ex RAF XP534
N62AG			A75 Stearman	nn

CAP231s of Marche Verte:

Also the Red Arrows (Saturday and Sunday) and the Patrouille de
France (Sunday) performed during the show, but their serials are not
known yet.

Hangar D50:
FA46			F-16A		2w

Hangar 1 far side:
FA27/FS, FA72/FS	F-16A, AM	2w
FA107			F-16A		2w
FB09			F-16B		2w

Hangar 2 far side:
FA53, FA66		F-16A		2w
FA128 +1		F-16A		2w

Flying only:
86-0101/DY, 86-0109/DY	B-1B		28th BS

H27			A109HA		18BnHATk
BA22			Mirage 5BA	preserved gate
FA08			F-16A		fuselage only
FA63			F-16A		parts only
FU50			F-84F		decoy
FU103/FU-6/YL-A		F-84F		dump
FU108, FU179		F-84F		dump
FR33			RF-84F		dump

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