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Florennes 2002

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Date: 23 July 2002

Made by: Scramble, Dirk Geerts


43+46			Tornado IDS	AG51, tiger mks
43+87, 45+41, 45+44	Tornado IDS	MFG2
44+24			Tornado IDS	AG51
605/33-CO, 648/33-CE	Mirage F1CR	ER01.033
93/12-KK, 101/12-KI	Mirage 2000C	EC02.012
MM7172/51-37		AMX		132°Gr           
MM7184/51-33		AMX	        132°Gr           
J-208			F-16BM	        312sq		*        
69-7504, 69-7521	RF-4E	        113 Filo	#
XH131			Canberra PR9	39(1PRU)sq
ZD375/23, ZD468/58	Harrier GR7	20(R)sq
91-0336/SP, 91-0342/SP	F-16CJ		22nd FS
R-2103			Mirage 3RS	FlSt10, spec mks
R-2111			Mirage 3RS	FlSt10
A68			SA318C		16BnHLn
AT02, AT30		Alpha Jet E	11sm		*
FA27/FS, FA49, FA55/FS	F-16A		2w              
FA47			F-16A	        1sm, spec mks   
FA58, FA67/FS		F-16AM	        2w              
FA69			F-16AM	        2w		#       
FA71	                F-16AM	        350sm, spec mks 
FA75/FS	                F-16AM	        2w              
FA106	                F-16AM	        349sm, spec mks 
FA118	                F-16A	        1sm, spec mks   
FA125	                F-16A	        2w              
FA127/FS, FA131/FS	F-16A	        2w		#       
FA132/FS, FA133/FS	F-16A	        2w              
FB05/FS, FB09, FB10	F-16B	        2w              
FB18, FB21		F-16BM	        2w              
FU103			F-84F	        pres "FU66/YL-A"
FU108			F-84F	        wfu             
FU154			F-84F	        pres "UR-S"     
BA22			Mirage 5BA	preserved
# = not flying	* = flying only

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