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Florennes 2008

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Date: 5/6 July 2008

Made by: Scramble


C-168 			CL-604 		Esk 721
E-008 			F-16AM 		Esk 727
ET-197 			F-16BM 		Esk 727
261 			PC-9M 		FTS
634/33-CK 		Mirage F1CR 	ER 01.033
654/3-ID 		Mirage 2000D 	EC 01.003
95, 12-KM, 96/12-KI 	Mirage 2000C 	EC 02.012
69 			Sup Etendard 	17F
4209/BXE 		SA342L1 	3 RHC
38+00 			F-4F 		JG 71
87+38 			Bo105P 		KHR36 sp c/s
158825 			A-7E 		336 MV tiger c/s
160616 			A-7E 		336 MV sp c/s
LX-N90459 		E-3A 		NAEWF
306 			F-16BM 		FLO
688 			F-16AM 		FLO
1509 			An-26 		13.eltr
707 			Su-22UM-3k 	7.elt tiger c/s
1014 			TS-11 		pres
AE.9-001/23-23 		F-5M 		Ala 23
AE.9-005/23-25 		F-5M 		Ala 23
XX194, XX284/CA 	Hawk T1A 	100sq
ZJ275, ZJ276 		Squirrel HT1 	DHFS
84-0001, 86-0156/LN 	F-15C 		493rd FS
A2 			Auster AOP6 	pres
A53 			SA318C 		Wing Heli
AT32 			Alpha Jet 1B+ 	11sm special c/s
CE03 			ERJ145LR 	21sm
CH07 			C-130H 		20sm
FA63 			F-16AM 		cockpit, in tent
FA72 			F-16AM 		350sm sp mks
FA121 			F-16AM 		1sm sp mks
FA130 			F-16AM 		in tent
LB02 			L-21B 		MCVZ/CMVV
M1 			SA316B 		40sm
PL74 			Grob G102 	Luchtkadetten
ST34 			SF260M 		5sm

E14/314-TP 		Alpha Jet E 	EAC 00.314
E25/F-TETJ 		Alpha Jet E 	EAC 00.314 sp c/s
RA02/61-MI 		C-160R 		ET 00.061
J-055 			F-16AM 		313sq demo c/s
J-653 			F-16AM 		313sq
265 			SH-14D 		MARHELI
809 			An-26 		Baza 90
725 			IAR-99C 	S.A.p.F.A.
J-5003, J-5022 		F/A-18C 	nb
CH04, CH12 		C-130H 		20sm             
FA68/FS 		F-16AM          2w in hangar     
FA71/FS, FA72 		F-16AM          2w               
FA83/FS, FA89 		F-16AM          2w               
FA91, FA101/FS 		F-16AM          2w               
FA109/FS, FA121 	F-16AM          2w               
FA125 			F-16AM          2w inside shelter
FA126/FS, FA127 	F-16AM          2w               
FA131 			F-16AM          2w               
FB17 			F-16BM          2w               
H05, H44 		A109BA          17sq MRH         
H26, H28, H42 		A109BA          18sq MRH         
RS03 			Sea King Mk48 	40sm
ST19, ST23, ST25 	SF-260M+ 	5sm
ST32, ST36 		SF-260M+ 	5sm

The NF-5s of the Turkish Stars:
70-3013,  70-3015,  70-3016,  70-3027,  70-3036,
70-3042,  71-3055 (all NF-5A)                
69-4005,  71-4017 (both NF-5B)               

The L-39Cs of the Breitling Team:
ES-YLX/1,  ES-YLS/2,  ES-TLC/3,  ES-YLR/4,  ES-TLF/5,

The Alpha Jets of Patrouille de France:
E114/0, E95/1,  E135/2, E31/3,  E122/4
E94/5,  E162/6, E163/7, E130/8, E91/9

Flying only:
60-0328/D 		KC-135R 	351st ARS

Preserved at gate:
FA47/FS 		F-16A 		pres
BA22 			Mirage 5BA 	pres
FR29 			RF-84F 		pres

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