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Florennes 2012

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Florennes Airshow
Date: 23-24 June 2012
FA68 F-16AM 350sm $
FA87 F-16AM 31sm $
FA57, FA109 F-16AM nb  
FA121 F-16AM 1wing $
FA126 F-16AM nn (in shelter)
FB21 F-16BM no mks (TLP hangar)  
AT13 Alpha Jet 1B+ 11sm/AJetS  
M1/OT-ZPA SA316B 40sm  
?, ST35 SF260M+ CC Air  
CM01 Falcon 20E 21sm  
452 C295M 242.tsl  
9235 JAS39C $
6069 L-159T  
E-194 F-16AM Esk 727/730 $
ET-198 F-16BM Esk 727/730  
E146/705-RR Alpha Jet E EAC00.314  
111/YQ EMB121AA AET00.319  
43+25 Tornado IDS JBG33  
86+66 Bo105P KHR26  
LX-N90453 E-3A NAEW&CF  
D-664 CH-47D 298sq  
T-264 KDC-10 334sq  
668 F-16AM FLO $
692 F-16BM FLO $
6728 MiG29AS ZmLk  
3H-FG PC-7 Lehrabteilung $
727 An-32B 27 eta  
20 C295M 13.el  
F-AZHG Pilatus P-3-03 ex Suisse AF P-805  
F-HBKC EC120B Helidax  
G-BZGK OV-10B ex Germany 99+32  
G-OAJR Chipmunk T10 ex RAF WB756  
N343NA/212 T-28A ex USN 138343  
3H-FC PC-7 Lehrabteilung  
H24 A109BA 1w $
CE03 ERJ145LR 21sm  
FA84 F-16AM 2w (solo display) $
FA83, FA127 F-16AM 2w  
RS02 Sea King Mk48 40sm  
6052 L-159A (in shelter)
616 F-16D 343 Mira  
J-015 F-16AM 312sqn $
J-016 F-16AM 312sqn  
L-09 PC-7 131(EMVO)sq  
3819, 8919, 9616 Su-22M-4 21.BLT  
3911 MiG29AS ZmLk  
J-5008, J-5014 F/A-18C FlSt 17  
89-0022 F-16C 141 Filo/soloturk  
91-0011 F-16C 141 Filo/soloturk $
F-AZJS Spitfire PR19 ex RAF PS890  
G-BWGL/N-321 Hunter DHHF, ex RAF  
NX377WW/KV-863 T-28B ex USN 137777  
PH-VDF/L2-W “Scat VII” TF-51D ex USAAF 44-72922  
N4109C/H210 T-6G private  
OO-DAF/H50 AT-16ND private  
$ special colours
SF260M+ of CC Air, Red Devils:
ST03, ST04, ST15, ST23, ST27
PC-9/M of the ETZ, Croatian Wings of Storm:
055, 057, 059, 062, 066, 067, 069
TB30 of APAA00.315, Cartouche Dore:
69/F-SEWL, 90/F-SEXG, 99/F-SEXP, 141/F-SEZF
Alpha Jet E of APAA20.300, Patrouille de France:
E94/0, E152/1, E162/2, E130/3, E46/4,
E41/5, E166/6, E165/7, E85/8, E163/9
PC-7 of the Pilotenrekruteshule, PC-7 team:
A-913, A-914, A-917, A-919, A-926, A-927, A-932, A-939, A-940, A-941
L-39C of the Baltic Bees:
Flying only:
AT02, AT20, AT23 Alpha Jet 1B+ 11sm/AJetS  
AT25, AT26, AT30 Alpha Jet 1B+ 11sm/AJetS  
BA22 Mirage 5BA pres gate  
FA05 F-16A pres near TLP platform  
FA47/FS F-16A pres gate  
FU103 F-84E pres gate as FU66/YL-A
FA91 F-16AM Hangar behind demo line  
R223/64-GW C-160R ET00.064  
Visitors 22 June:
T-729 Beech 1900 LTDB  
2721 Let-410UVP-E20 nb  
CM02 Falcon 20E 21sm  
H22, H25, H27, H39, H44 A109BA 1w  
Most, if not all A109s were probably also present over the weekend, scattered over the base.
Visitors 25 June:
T-729 Beech 1900 LTDB  
2721 Let-410UVP-E20 DLK  
CH07, CH12 C-130H 20sm  
ST46 SF260M+ CC Air  
This year, Florennes was the venue for Belgium’s major air show. With a spottersday on Friday and Monday plus a full weekend for public access, there was plenty opportunity to see the guests. Weather proved to be acceptable on Friday and Saturday; dry and cloudy with sunny spells, and I guess a bit less for the other two days. Your reporter did not visit the spotters day, but their spot seemed to be close to the runway and taxiway and underneath the display line. The familiar spots along the fence on the east side were accessible on Friday, and brought back the memories of a good day at a TLP (ah…..those were the days). Unfortunately there was corn and long grass all along the taxi-track, so good pictures were not possible, and some skill and luck were required for good landing shots above the “piano keys”. During the weekend, excellent shots could be made on the base of the demo aircraft taxiing back to the ramps. The display line was a bit far away and required at least 300-400 mm. The static was, well, the static…. Access to the spots along the fence outside of the base was on foot only. Well then, how about the visitors? Not the usual suspects! No Typhoon, no Rafale, no Mirage, no UK, no US, no Italians. There were four F-16 demos however! Disappointing? No, a line of three Polish Fitters and a MiG29 was a sight to behold. It was lovely to see an army of Polish airmen working on their planes. Then the kick-start of the MiG29; turn the key, push the throttle and roll! The demo of the Croatian Wings of Storm was as smooth as ever, and they brought their macho An-32 for support. The show was a bit too long, and as said before; four F-16 demos were just too much. Too bad the Greek F-16D performed for a meagre crowd at 19:00 hrs. All-in-all it was a show worth visiting.
Credits: Erwin Husmann, Rene Sleegers, Bram Marijnissen, Martyn Swann, Danny Bonny, Peter vd Reek, Michel Niesten, MAR, Scramble messageboard.


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