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Hechtel 1989

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Date: 6 August 1989

Made by: Rob de Bie


60		SV 4		private (PH-OPA)
C-5		F 27-300M	334sqn,RNLAF
43602/BC-602/S	A-26B		private (N167B4)
44-73877/AJ-N	P-51D		private (N167F)
A-350		Alouette III	Grasshoppers,RNLAF
A-390	        Alouette III	Grasshoppers,RNLAF
A-465	        Alouette III	Grasshoppers,RNLAF
A-499	        Alouette III	Grasshoppers,RNLAF
06/CN-ABI	CAP 230		Green March,RMorAF
07/CN-ABJ	CAP 230	        Green March,RMorAF
08/CN-ABK	CAP 230	        Green March,RMorAF
09/CN-ABL	CAP 230	        Green March,RMorAF
ZD626/ZY	Sea King HC4	707sqn,FAA
2231/1		S 2A		Halcones,ChilAF
2232/2	        S 2A	        Halcones,ChilAF
2256/3	        S 2A	        Halcones,ChilAF
2271/4	        S 2A	        Halcones,ChilAF
3013/5	        S 2A	        Halcones,ChilAF
136...	        CH-136	        444sqn,CF	
79-23202	AH-1F	        USAREUR
68-0062/UH	F-111E		79TFS/20TFW,USAFE, overshoot
68-0084/UH	F-111E	        ..TFS/20TFW,USAFE, overshoot
XW229/DB	Puma HC1	230sqn,RAFG
WL757		Shackleton AEW3	8sqn,RAF
AT29 or AT28?	Alpha Jet E	9W,BAF
2404	        T-37C		Asas de Portugal,PortAF          
2407	        T-37C	        Asas de Portugal,PortAF  
2414	        T-37C	        Asas de Portugal,PortAF  
2426	        T-37C	        Asas de Portugal,PortAF  
2429	        T-37C	        Asas de Portugal,PortAF  
2430	        T-37C	        Asas de Portugal,PortAF  

Static and far side:
136232		CH-136		444sqn,CF
72-21555	UH-1H		207AvCo,USAEUR
B03/LC		BN 2A-21	BAr
A41		Alouette II	BAr
A-		Alouette III	Grasshopppers,RNLAF
136227		CH-136		444sqn,CF
136234		CH-136		444sqn,CF
79-23202	AH-1F		USAREUR

E-1		S 11		private (OO-PCH)

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