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Hechtel 1997

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Date: 27 July 1997

Made by: Scramble


0816                  Mi-24V       331vrlt/Czech AF
B-66                  Bo105CB      299sq
D-665                 CH-47D       298sq
XX630/5               Bulldog T1   Liverpool UAS
XX661/6               Bulldog T1   Oxford UAS
PH-TYG                DH82A        'A-12'
PH-GAU                PA-18-135    'R181'

Static & flying:
ST21, ST22, ST35      SF260M       5sm/The Swallows
74-22513              UH-1H        HQ USEUCOM
D-EZOZ                EA300L       Toyota
F-GMEA/1, F-GMAB/3    PC-7         Patrouille Adecco
F-GMED/2              PC-7         Patrouille Adecco
HA-SIF,HA-SIH,HA-SIJ  Z50LS        Team Malev
OO-SMM                SF260
RA-01428              Yak-52       '22'
RA-01480              Su-31        Breitling

OO-MCH                S11.1        'E-17'

0710,0834, 0838       Mi-24V       331vrlt/Czech AF
ZA776/F               Gazelle AH1  847sq
XZ228/YK-407          Lynx HAS3GM  Portland AMG
ZA297/C               S.King HC4   847sq SFOR mks
OO-DOU                AB206B       EG Helicervice

Flying only:
AT25                  Alpha Jet    1W   spec. c/s
3756                  MiG-21UM     LZO/Czech AF
ZA947/YG-DM           Dakota C3    BoBMF
XV298                 Hercules C3  LTW
XX144/U               Jaguar T2    16(R)sq
PM631/S               Spitfire XIX BoBMF
G-BEDF                B-17G        '124458/DF-A'
G-BWGT                J.Provost T4 'XR679'
N47DD                 P-47D        '226671/X-MX'
                      P-51D        '473877/B6-S'
Hawk T1s of the Red Arrows (T1As are italic):
XX227, XX233, XX237, XX252, XX266, 
XX294, XX306, XX307, XX308.

Small aircraft flightline:
D-EAOC                Ce152
D-ECHT                CeFR172H
D-EHKB                R.1180TD
D-EIDO                FA.200-180A0
D-EIGB                M.20E
D-GWPL                PA-34-220T
LX-AIL                Bellanca &ECA
LX-AIS                CeF152
OO-EWL                HR.100/200
OO-LED                SV.4E        Breitling
OO-LEE                SV.4E        Breitling
OO-SIL                CeF150F
OO-SKD                CeF150K
PH-ARJ                Ce150M       Air Rental
PH-LEH                PA-28-161    Turdus Airways
PH-MLF                CeR172K

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