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Hechtel 1998

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Date: 2 August 1998

Made by: Rob Hendriks


MT-49           CM-170R         33 Sm / 1 W
B-78            Bo-105CB        299 Sqn
D-662           CH-47D          298 Sqn
XX403           Gazelle AH.1    nn              "25 years" mks.
ZG860/92        Harrier Gr.7    20 Sqn
XR511/L 	Wessex HC.2     60 Sqn
69-15605        UH-1H           HQ USEUCOM

1x              Alpha Jet E     1 W
FA-71           F-16A           31 Sm / 10 W    tiger c/s
1x              PC-7            131 EMVO Sqn
6247 bl 	MiG-15UTI       nn/ex Pol. AF   c/n 622047
WK163           Canberra B.6    nn
1x              Dakota C.3      BoBMF
4x              Gazelle AH.1    Blue Eagles
1x              Lynx AH.7       Blue Eagles
9x              Hawk T.1(A)     Red Arrows
1x              Gnat T.1        nn
XZ391/A 	Jaguar Gr.1A    16 Sqn
1x              Spitfire        nn
5304/SL 	MiG-29UB        31 SLK / Slovak AF
6930/SL 	MiG-29A         31 SLK / Slovak AF
48-0609 	C-121A          MATS
1x              DC-4            nn

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