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Hechtel-Sanicole 1992

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Date: 9 August 1992

Made by: Frits van Hout, Stephan v/d Krommenacker

Updated: 4 September 2001

CN-ABI  	CAP 231 	Moroccan AF     06
CN-ABJ  	CAP 231 	Moroccan AF     07
CN-ABK  	CAP 231 	Moroccan AF     08
CN-ABL  	CAP 231 	Moroccan AF     09
OK-GXA  	L-39            		X-03
OK-WDL  	L-410           		912533
OK-WRI  	Zlin 50         		0063
OK-WRJ  	Zlin 50         		0064
OK-WRK  	Zlin 50         		0065
OK-WRL/0066  	Zlin 50         		0066
SSSR-02166  	Su-26           		011
XV670/592   	Sea King HU.5   RN  		WA658
CH10            C130H           20 Sqn
FA92            F16A            31 Sqn
1562/AFD        Sa341F          6 Rhc
4162/AEI        Sa342M          6 Rhc
ZG505/AJ        Harrier GR7     3 Sqn
ZF315           Tucano T1       nn
68-0010/UH      F111E           77 FS

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