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Hechtel-Sanicole 1994

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Date: 30/31 July 1994

Made by: Scramble

Updated: 4 September 2001

1194/AWB              SA341F       7RHC
4103/AOT              SA342M       7RHC
XX630/A               Bulldog T1   Liverpool UAS
XZ930/Q               Gazelle HT3  2FTS
XW853/553-CU	      Gazelle HT2  705sq
XX446/557-CU          Gazelle HT2  705sq
ZG512, ZG533/CF       Harrier GR7  4sq
XX224		      Hawk T1A	   74(R)sq
XZ729/642             Lynx HAS3S   702sq
ZA935/DM              Puma HC1     230sq
ZA130/587             SeaKing HAS6 706sq
PS915/P		      Spitfire PR19 BBMF
XV723/Q               Wessex HC2   72sq
D-FOXY                C-3605       Technik Museum
F-GMEA,GMEB,GMEC,GMED PC-7         Ecco Patrouille
F-GDPU                MH1521M
G-ACNB                Auster IV
HA-ANH                An-2
HA-JAF                Yak-52       Sanicole Aeroclub, '9010410/22'
N167B		      A-26B	   '44-34602/S'
OK-WDJ                L-410UVP     Bemoair
OO-PHC		      Fokker S11   'E-1'
OO-SMM                SF260        Sanicole Aeroclub
PH-NET                Auster V     Seppe Aeroclub
PH-OPA                SV4B
RA-02384              Su-26
YL-KAA, YL-KAB        An-28        Rigas Aeroklub

Flying only:
FA74                  F-16A        31sm
MT14		      CM170	   33sm
XV186                 Hercules C1P LTW
XX486/569-CU          Jetstream T2 750sq
ZF377                 Tucano T1    3FTS
595, 598              Su-27        Russian AF
OO-VLN                Fokker 50    VLM
OY-SKA                Sk35XD       Skand.Hist.Flt.
SE-DXY 'TG433/L-A'    Vampire FB6  Skand.Hist.Flt.
SE-BKG? '68S'         P-51D        Skand.Hist.Flt. '44-73877/B6-S'

And the Red Arrows with the following Hawk T1/T1As:
XX227, XX233, XX253, XX260, XX264, XX266, XX294, XX306, XX308
(spares at Kleine Brogel were XX237 adn XX252)

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