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Keiheuvel 1995

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Date: 3/4 June 1995

Made by: Scramble


FU197                 F-84F        preserved
A80                   SA318C       SLV
B07/LG                BN-2A-26     SLV
H17, H19              A109HO       17sm
H34                   A109HA       17sm
D-ECGE                CeF172G
D-ECVS                Ce150L
D-EDHZ                PA-18-95
D-EDOL                D.120A
D-EIIN                DR400/180
D-EIPB                Beech B24R
D-ELCY                DR250/160
D-ELEB                CASA 1.131E
D-EMUX                J3C-65
D-EOPR                Ce182Q
D-KATB                SF.25B
D-KCBT                H.36
D-KIAF                SF.25C-2000
D-MUTV                ...
D-7480                G103         13
G-AJHS                DH-82A       VMS
G-APVS                Ce170B
(G-ASNB)              Auster 6A    'VX118'
G-AZDX                PA-28-180F
G-BBBO                S.903
(G-BLRN)              Devon C2     'WB531'
G-BUTD                RV.6
G-BVLT                Bellanca 7KCAB
(G-DVON)              Devon C2     'VP955'
G-GBUE                DR400/120A
HA-JAC                Yak-18T
NC18028               Beech D17S
N3014E                Ce182R
N4081J                Ce150
N4109C                T-6G
N4531J                PA-28R-180
N5428C                Ce170
N6309D                Ce172N
N7180V                Mooney M20
N28158                Bellanca 17-30A
OO-ATY                PA-18-95
OO-AWC                CeF152
OO-BFC                PA-38-112
OO-BUC                PA-32-260
OO-EAB                PA-J3C-65    SABENA Aeroclub
OO-EFA                Tipsy T.66
OO-EMG                Cobelavia D.158
OO-ESM                Aeronca 11AC
OO-FDN                D.120A
OO-GRH                Wa.40A
OO-HAL                Tipsy T.66
OO-HBI                CeF150L
OO-HBU                CeF172N
OO-HER                Ce172M
OO-JAL                D.120
OO-KIW                PA-18-95
OO-KMZ                MS893A
OO-KWP                Ce152
OO-KWS                Ce152
OO-LEO                Cobelavia D.158
OO-LNO                Aerotechnik L.13SL
OO-LOT                PA-18-95
OO-LUK                SV.4B        'V-41'
OO-LUS                RF.4D
OO-MAM                CeF182Q
OO-MBV                Rallye 110ST
OO-MCL                MS733
OO-MDA                CeR182RG
OO-MVG                CeF172M
OO-NBE                Procaer F.15B
OO-NTF                CeFR172H
OO-NVM                MS894A
OO-OAA                PA-18-125    'R-213'
OO-OLI                AA-5A
(OO-PCH)              S-11-1       'E-1'
OO-RIK                Aeronca 11AC
OO-RJM                Bellanca 7KCAB
OO-RJP                R22          QS Helikopters
OO-RTC                Ce172H
OO-RUO                CeU206F      Paraclub Schaffen
OO-SEY                CeF172G
OO-SIL                Ce150F
OO-SPJ                PA-18-95
OO-SZW                H.36
OO-TMT                PA-28-161
OO-TOX                SV.4C
OO-TRD                CeF152
OO-TRJ                CeF172P
OO-VCO                CeA152
OO-VCR                Ce152-II
OO-VLU                R.2160
OO-VMH                FWP.149D
OO-WAE                Ce150M
OO-WCA                L.13SL
OO-WOT                Tipsy T.66
OO-ZAP                K.8B
OO-ZFQ                Janus C      WF
OO-ZHA                Rh"nlerche II
OO-ZHU                H.101        MR
OO-ZKL                G.103
OO-ZKZ                Centrair 101A
OO-ZPR                Baby III
OO-ZRW                Ka.7
OO-A11                GT BI 582ES
OO-B41                GT BI 503S
OO-B71                Snowbird Mk.IV
OO-B80                GT BI 503S
PH-CBA                CeF152
PH-GVE                Ce172N
PH-HOI                S-11-1
PH-JMS                CeF182Q
PH-LAG                PA-28-181
PH-LVK                Brändli BX-2
PH-NEH                Auster J/5B
PH-NRA                PA-38-112    EAC(M)
PH-OOY                Brändli BX-2
PH-RJH                Brändli BX-2
PH-ROL                Robin R.2112 Alpha
PH-RVH                CP.328 Super Emeraude
PH-SKN                Ce172M       Skylight
PH-SVG                PA-28-161    Vliegclub R'dam
PH-TEJ                Pottier P.80S
PH-VCY                PA-18-95     VMS
PH-VKB                CeF150J
PH-VTH                DHC-2        VMS
RA-01428              Yak-52       "22"y   ex HA-JAF
SE-KVK                PA-28-161

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