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Kleine Brogel 1976

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Date: 18 June 1976

Made by: Alan Macey


ST25     		SF.260MB                  
68-076/UH rd            F-111E         		20 TFW
K-3067                  NF-5A                   314 Sq
FT22                    T-33A                         
XV469/H                 Phantom FGR.2           2 Sq  
BA37                    Mirage 5BA              2 Wg  
XX977/DL                Jaguar GR.1             31 Sq 
3246                    G.91R                   LKG 43
FX100                   F-104G                  10 Wg 
RM7                     Pembroke C.51         

Maintenance hangar:
FC11, FC12  		TF-104G
FX79, FX82, FX94 	F-104G

Hangar,far side:
FX95, FX97  		F-104G

Far side:
FX04, FX28  		F-104G  		10 Wg       
3542     		RF-4E                   AG 52       
3225     		G.91R                   LKG 43      
68-460/BT bl   		F-4E                    36 TFW

KY1      		DC-6      
CM02                    Falcon 20 
CF02                    Merlin III

FX22, FX24, FX26	F-104G			10 WG
FX27, FX33, FX36	F-104G			10 WG
FX47, FX51, FX52	F-104G			10 WG
FX81, FX85, FX89	F-104G			10 WG
FX99			F-104G			10 WG
FC02  			TF-104G  		10 WG

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