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Kleine Brogel 1982

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Date: 25 June 1982

Made by: John Dyer, SEAR


MT26 		CM170
FX30 		F-104G 		10Wing
FC04 		TF-104G 	10Wing
AT-157 		Sk35XD 		Esk725
237/12-YI	Mirage F1C 	EC-12
41+46 		Alphajet
35+79 		RF-4E 		AkG-52
1802 		G91T 		Port A/F
105 		RF-5A 		717Skv 
595 		F-5B 		717Skv
104841 		CF-104 		1CAG
133393 		T-33AN 		1CAG
67-14639 	OV-10A 		601TCW
79-0084/WR 	A-10A 		81TFW
68-0050/UH	F-111E 		20TFW
79-0009/BT	F-15D 		36TFW
79-0070/BT	F-15D 		36TFW
XX760/AA	Jaguar GR1 	14Sqdn
XL616 		Hunter T7 	ETPS
XW199/DU	Puma HC1 	230Sqdn
Maintenance Hangar:
FX20, FX96	F-104G 		10Wing
FC11 		TF-104G 	10Wing
FA37 		F-16A 		10Wing
FB01, FB02	F-16B 		10Wing
Engine Test:
FA39 		F-16A 		10Wing
Shelter Area:
FX07, FX17	F-104G 		10Wing
FX19, FX86	F-104G 		10Wing
FX90 		F-104G 		10Wing
FC01, FC02	TF-104G 	10Wing
FC06, FC07	TF-104G 	10Wing
FA38, FA45	F-16A 		10Wing
FA49		F-16A 		10Wing
FB08 		F-16B 		10Wing
ZA940 /DO	Puma HC1 	230Sqdn
FA50 		F-16A 		10Wing
"BA03" 		F-84F "Mirage" 	decoy
"BA04", "BA05"	F-84F "Mirage" 	decoy
FX24 		F-104G 		10Wing
MT29 		CM170 		Base Flight
5454 		G91R 		Port A/F
FU188 		F-84F 		(painted as FU133) 
FS17 		F-84G 		(painted as FS2/KB-1)
FU145 		F-84F

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