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Kleine-Brogel 1985

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Date: 5 July 1985

Made by: Frits van Hout


133052  	CT-133  	Canadian AF     052
161222  	TA-7H   	Greek AF        TH.05
2660    	F-104G  	German Navy     7406
2682    	F-104G  	German Navy     7428
3574    	RF-4E   	German AF       4169
3763    	F-4F    	German AF       4502
3769    	F-4F    	German AF       4516
3836    	F-4F    	German AF       4712
40/12-YA	Mirage F.1C 	French AF       40
4416    	Tornado 	German AF       4116
5447    	G-91R   	Portuguese AF   D 387
5448    	G-91R   	Portuguese AF   D 402
5920    	Do28    	German Navy     4195
68-0032/UH 	F-111E  	USAF      	201
68-0063/UH 	F-111E  	USAF      	232
79-0048/BT	F-15C   	USAF      	590/C117
80-0143/WR	A-10A   	USAF      	0493
81-0941/WR	A-10A   	USAF      	0636
84/12-YQ	Mirage F.1C 	French AF
8510    	CH-53G  	German Army     V65-108
A-53    	SE.3130 	Belgian Army    1995
B-5/OT-ZKE	Sikorsky S-58   Belgian Navy    SA.146
B-63    	Bo105   	R. Neth. AF     S-263
FA-17   	F-16A   	Belgian AF      6H-17
FA-35   	F-16A   	Belgian AF      6H-35
FA-57   	F-16A   	Belgian AF      6H-57
FA-62   	F-16A   	Belgian AF      6H-62
FA-65   	F-16A   	Belgian AF      6H-65
FA-67   	F-16A   	Belgian AF      6H-67
FA-68   	F-16A   	Belgian AF      6H-68
FA-71   	F-16A   	Belgian AF      6H-71
FA-73   	F-16A   	Belgian AF      6H-73
FA-77   	F-16A   	Belgian AF      6H-77
FA-79   	F-16A   	Belgian AF      6H-79
FA-89   	F-16A   	Belgian AF      6H-89
FA-90   	F-16A   	Belgian AF      6H-90
FA-93   	F-16A   	Belgian AF      6H-93
FA-96/998   	F-16A   	Belgian AF      6H-96
FB-18   	F-16B   	Belgian AF      6J-18
FS-17/'KB-1'   	F-84E   	Belgian AF    
FU-145  	F-84F   	Belgian AF      
FX-96   	F-104G  	Belgian AF      9166
K-4011  	NF-5B   	R. Neth. AF     4011
MM6772/53-20  	F-104S  	Italian AF      1072
MT-23   	CM.170 Magister Belgian AF      280
MT-30   	CM.170 Magister Belgian AF      287
MT-40   	CM.170 Magister Belgian AF      317
MT-42   	CM.170 Magister Belgian AF      319
XV232   	Nimrod MR.2P    RAF     	8007
XW208/DP   	Puma HC.1   	RAF   		1095
XW530/HF   	Buccaneer S.2B  RAF   
XX955/AN   	Jaguar GR.1 	RAF   		S77
XZ374   	Jaguar GR.1 	RAF     	S141
ZD812   	Tornado GR.1    RAF     	420/BT043/3192

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