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Kleine-Brogel 1988

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Date: 28 Augustus 1988

Made by: Martin Herbert, Jean-Michel Schweitzer

Updated: 3 June 2004

AT08              Alpha Jet E         O&T W BAF 
CH-02             C130H               20Sm BAF 
FA-56             F16A                10W BAF 
FA-60             F16A                31Sm BAF 
CS-01             HS748 srs-1         21Sm BAF 
BA01              Mirage 5BA          1Sm BAF 
ST-32             SF260MB             5Sm BAF 
133094            CT133N              1CAD CAF 
188927            CF188B              1CAD CAF 
140104            CP140               Greenwood CAF 
224/30-MD         Mirage F1C-200      ECTT3/30 FAF 
503/330-AX        Mirage 2000B        ECT1/330 FAF 
MM6730/5-30       F104S               23°Gr/5°St ItAF 
MM7065/6-55       Tornado IDS         154°Gr/6°St ItAF 
XX351             Hawk T1A            1TWU RAF 
XL616             Hunter T7           208sq RAF 
XZ108/28          Jaguar GR1          2sq RAF 
XW409/123-CF      Jet Provost T5A     7FTS RAF 
WJ874/BM          Canberra T4         231OCU RAF 
ZE352/G           F4J (UK)            74sq RAF 
58-0195           B52G                42BW USAF 
79-0021/CR        F15C                32TFS USAF 
58-0103           KC135Q              9SRW USAF 
40+33             Alpha Jet E         JBG41 WGAF 
89+64             Sea King Mk41       MFG5 WGN 

Flightline: (* = also show) 
1104/D (yellow)   S105Öe              AustrAF * 
AT29              Alpha Jet E         O&T W BAF * 
RS01              Sea King Mk48       40Sm  BAF * 
A-23              SE3130              SLV BAr * 
F227/64-GP        C160NG              ET64 FAF 
39/330-AH         Mirage 2000C        ECT1/330 FAF * 
XX283/X, XX325/Z  Hawk T1             151sq RAF 
XX303/303         Hawk T1A            1TWU RAF 
XW221/DE          Puma HC1            230sq RAF * 
E-177             F16A                Esk726 RDAF 
ET-206            F16B                -- RDAF 
ZE438/CU-576      Jetstream T3        750sq RN 
K-3014, K-3072    NF5A                314sq RNLAF * 
81-0954/WR        A10A                81TFW USAF 
81-0977/WR        A10A                81TFW USAF 
80-0019/BT        F15C                36TFW USAF * 
68-0032/UH        F111E               20TFW USAF * 
68-0072/UH        F111E               20TFW USAF 
70-2374/LN        F111F               493TFS USAF 
OH-VTM            L90K                Redigo Team  civil *  aircraft w/o during show 
OH-VTP            L90K                Redigo Team  civil * 

F16A, 23Sm, BAF: 
FA-65, FA-67, FA-69, FA-75, FA-85, FA-87, FA-89, FA-93, FA-95 

F16A, 31Sm, BAF: 
FA-58, FA-62, FA-64, FA-66, FA-72, FA-74, FA-78, FA-80, FA-82, FA-86, FA-88, FA-92 

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