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Kleine Brogel 1993

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Date: 11 September 1993

Made by: Frank Klaster, J. Moerman

Updated: 7 March 2000

F-16A           FA-95               23 SM 
F-16A           FA-58               31 SM 
F-16A           FA-73               23 SM 
CN-235          T-19B-09/35-27      ALA 35 
F-84E           FS+17               D.M.B. 
F-84F           FU-66/RA-T          - 
F-84F           FU-145/Z6-E         EX 10 W 
F-84F           FU-188/8-SN         EX 10 W 
F-16A           FA-92               31 SM 
JETSTREAM       XX497/E             45 SQN 
PIPER           LB-05               AIR CADETS 
BULLDOG T1      XX709/12            AD & ST.A 
SF-260D         ST-40               5 SM 
TUCANO T1       ZF374/374           3 FTS 
CM-170R         MT-09 ???           PRESERVED 
GAZELLE SA341   1420/AFF            ALAT,6 RHC 
GAZELLE SA342M  4179/AEJ            ALAT,6 RHC 
SEAKING MK48    RS-02               40 SM 
VC-10 K3        ZA143/D             10 SQN 
ANDOVER         CS-02               21 SM 
MIRAGE 5 BA     BA-31               42 SM 
MIRAGE 5 BR     BR-21,25,15,13      42 SM 
F-16C           87-0271/SP          23 FS 
F-16D           86-0047/SP          23 FS 
TORNADO GR1     ZA455/DP            31 SQN 
TORNADO F3      ZE204/DD            11 SQN 
TORNADO GR1     ZA490/JM            27 SQN 
TORNADO F3      ZE966/DZ            11 SQN 
TORNADO GR1     ZD848/DM            31 SQN 
F-16B           ET-614              ESK 723 
F-104S          MM6873/5-35         23GR/5ST 
F-104S          MM6876/5-40         23GR/5ST 
F-4F            38+40               JG 71 
ALPHA JET       AT-12               11 SM 
CM-170R         MT-30               33 SM 
F-15C           84-0026/BT          53 FS 
F-15C           84-0008/BT          53 FS 
F-5A            208                 SKV 336 
F-5B            595                 SKV 336 
ALPHA JET       40+15,40+41         JBG 43 
F-16B           J-068               313 SQN 
HAWK T1         XX218/TQ            74 SQN 
HAWK T1         XX349/TL            74 SQN 
MIRAGE F1CE     C14-06/14-06        ALA 14 
MIRAGE F1CE     C14-72/14-72        ALA 14 
RF-4E           35+52,35+26         AG 52 
F-15C           84-0020/BT          53 FS 
F-15C           84-0019/BT          53 FS 
HAWK T1         XX350/TC            74 SQN 
HAWK T1         XX319/TF            74 SQN 
F-104S          MM6912/53-03        21GR/53ST 
F-104S          MM6815/53-11        21GR/53ST 
F-16D           91-0022             161 FILO 
F-16B           FB-19               10 W 
F-16A           FA-80               31 SM 
F-16A           FA-126              23 SM 
MI-8            94+12               M.H.G.P. 
A-109           H-14                B.L.A. 
C-130H          CH-02               20 SM 
F-104G          FX-96               WRECK 
F-16A		FA65                23SM
F-16A		FA67                23SM
F-16A		FA69                23SM
F-16A		FA124               23SM
F-16A		FA66		    31SM
F-16A		FA72		    31SM
F-16A		FA74		    31SM
F-16A		FA78		    31SM
F-16A		FA82		    31SM
F-16A		FA90		    31SM
F-16A		FA94		    31SM

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