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Kleine Brogel 1998

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Date: 5 September 1998

Made by: Iwan Bogels, Paul Greig, Fred Jansen,

Updated: 10 July 2001

FS17/DMB           F-84E 
FU66               F-84F 
FU188/8S-N         F-84F 
FX41               F-104 
FX86               F-104 
FX94?              F-104                on dump burnt out 
                   F-104                seen through trees in HAS area 
FA85               F-16A                tail section in cordoned off area, fuselage nearby 

CH01               C-130H               20sm 
MT13               CM170R               33sm           red c/s 
MT34               CM170R               33sm 
AT20               Alpha Jet            1w 
FA66/BL            F-16A                349sm 
FA67               F-16A                31sm           White Falcon c/s 
FA71               F-16A                31sm           tiger c/s 
FA91/BL            F-16A                23Sm 
FA92               F-16A                nb 
FA101              F-16A                nb 
FA124/BL           F-16A                31 Sm 
FA135              F-16A                nb 
FB08/BL            F-16B                OCU 
FB22               F-16B                OCU 
ST46               SF260                5sm 
PL87               Grob G103            Belgian Air Cadets 

Czech Republic 
0006               L-39MS               341vlt 
0705               Mi-24V1              331vrlt        special c/s 

ET-613             F-16B MLU            Esk 723 
ET-198             F-16B                Esk 723 

28                 Super Etendard       11F 
32                 Super Etendard       17F 
88/12-YG           Mirage 2000C         EC01.012 
98/12-YB           Mirage 2000C         EC01.012 

29+04              MiG-29               JG73 
37+83              F-4F                 JG71 
46+45              Tornado ECR          JBG32          special c/s 
86+40              Bo105P               HFR36 
86+37              Bo105P               HFR36 

MM6873/9-31        F-104S-ASA           10°Gr/9°St 
MM6875/9-33        F-104S-ASA           10°Gr/9°St 
MM7229/53-06       Tornado F3           21°Gr/53°St 
MM7209/53-07       Tornado F3           21°Gr/53°St 
MM7181/3-07        AMX                  132°Gr/3°St 
MM55037/3-27       AMX-T                132°Gr/3°St 

J-635              F-16A(R)             306sq 
J-636              F-16A(R)             306sq          special c/s 
J-265              F-16B                313sq          special c/s 
68970              AH-64A               301sq 

LX-N90452          E-3A                 NAEWF 

15512              A-7P                 Esq304 
15521              A-7P                 Esq304 

T.19B-15/35-33     CN235                Ala 35 

United Kingdom 
XW198              Puma HC1             230 Sqn 

United States 
90-0262/LN         F-15E                492nd FS '48OG' 
88-0443/AV         F-16C                510th FS 
81-0983/SP         A-10A                81st FS 
74-22513           UH-1H                1st AvDet (HQ USEUCOM) 
87-24643           UH-60A               3-3AVN 
86-8955            AH-64A               2-6Cav 
86-8940            AH-64A               2-6Cav 
AT25               Alpha Jet            1w             special c/s 
CH01               C-130H               20sm 
FA87               F-16A                nb 
FA97               F-16A MLU            nb 
FA132              F-16A                nb 
FB19               F-16B                nb 
H19                A109HO               Belgian Army 
MT36               CM170R               33sm           special c/s 
RS04               Sea King Mk48        40sm 

1090/AFH           Gazelle              6RHC/1EHAP 
4078/AEQ           Gazelle              6RHC/5EHAC 
5/33-FV            Mirage F1C-200       EC03.033 
85/33-FR           Mirage F1C-200       EC03.033 
520/33-FL          Mirage F1B           EC03.033 
506/5-OY           Mirage 2000B         EC02.005 
522/5-OV           Mirage 2000B         EC02.005 
E26 /1             Alpha Jet E          PdF 
E81 /3             Alpha Jet E          PdF 
E104/4             Alpha Jet E          PdF 
E120/5             Alpha Jet E          PdF 
E122/-             Alpha Jet E          PdF 
E128/2             Alpha Jet E          PdF 
E138/0             Alpha Jet E          PdF 
E151/8             Alpha Jet E          PdF 
E153/7             Alpha Jet E          PdF 
E158/6             Alpha Jet E          PdF 
E165/9             Alpha Jet E          PdF 

84+85              CH-53G               HFR15 
46+43              Tornado ECR          JBG32 

MM54475/1          MB339PAN             Frecce Tricolori 
MM54517/3          MB339PAN             Frecce Tricolori 
MM54.../4          MB339PAN             Frecce Tricolori 
MM54536/5          MB339PAN             Frecce Tricolori 
MM54486/6          MB339PAN             Frecce Tricolori 
MM54483/7          MB339PAN             Frecce Tricolori 
MM54480/8          MB339PAN             Frecce Tricolori 
MM54485/9          MB339PAN             Frecce Tricolori 
MM54482/10         MB339PAN             Frecce Tricolori 
MM...../0          MB339PAN             Frecce Tricolori 

B-67               Bo105CB              299sq 
J-236              F-16A                nb             special c/s 
J-364              F-16A                323sq          special c/s 
L-07               PC-7                 131EMVOsqn 
L-08               PC-7                 131EMVOsqn 

E.25-07/79-07/1	   C101EB		Patrulla Aguila
E.25-../79-../2    C101EB		Patrulla Aguila
E.25-13/79-13/3    C101EB		Patrulla Aguila
E.25-06/79-06/4    C101EB		Patrulla Aguila
E.25-21/79-21/5    C101EB		Patrulla Aguila
E.25-28/79-28/6    C101EB		Patrulla Aguila
E.25-86/79-32/7    C101EB		Patrulla Aguila

United Kingdom 
XW231              Puma HC1             230 Sqn 
ZA322/B-50         Tornado GR1          TTTE 
ZA355/B-54         Tornado GR1          TTTE 

D-FBAW             An-2TD               '804' ex EGAF? c/n IG160-01 
HA-ANI             An-2                 c/n 1G13255 
G-LOSM             Meteor NF11		ex RAF 'WM167'
OO-DAF/H-50        T-6                  'BAF' 
OO-FOR/126965      AD-4N                'FAF' 
OO-USN		   A75N-1		as USN "744"
?		   PT-17 (?)		as USArmy "309"
PH-LSK             AT-16ND              ex KLu marks 'B-64' 
PH-MLM             AT-16ND              ex KLu marks 'B-71' 
PH-IIB             AT-16ND              ex KLu marks 'B-118' 
G-BEDF             B-17G                '1244850/DF-A' 
FA63               F-16A                BAF      cockpit only, in exhibition tent 
FB07               F-16B                BAF 
CS03               BAe 748              21sm 
H46                A109HA               Belgian Army 
G90                Alouette II          Gendarmerie 
G94                Alouette II          Gendarmerie 
82-0656/SP         A-10A                81st FS 
90-0796/AV         F-16D                510th FS 

Seen on Friday only: 
AT32               Alpha Jet            1w 
FB07               F-16B                nb 
MT26               CM170R               33sm 
ST20               SF260                5sm 
1504               Let410UVP            Czech AF 
F224/64-GX         C-160NG              ET01.064 

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