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Kleine Brogel 2014

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Kleine Brogel AB

Belgian Air Force days

Date: 13-14 September 2014
YJ-10 Saab J105Ö Düsentrainerstaffel  
CM02 Falcon 20E-5 21sq  
CH01 C-130H 20sq  
FA104 F-16AM 10w (F-16 prototype c/s) $
FA106 F-16AM 10w $
FA110 F-16AM 10w $
G11 MD900 Federale politie  
M3 SA316B 40sq  
PL71 Grob G102 Luchtkadetten  
RN01 NH90NFH 40sq  
RN07 NH90TTH 1w (18sq)  
RS04 Sea King Mk48 40sq  
ST43 SF260D CC Air  
7353 Mi-24V 221.vrl  
6065 L-159T-1 213.vlt  
E-007 F-16AM Esk 727/730  
ET-197 F-16BM Esk 727/730  
141/113-GT Rafale C EC01.007  
32, 40 Rafale M 11F  
30+07, 30+66 EF2000 TLG74  
38 JAS39C MH 59. Sz.D. REB  
J-003 F-16AM 313sq $
J-197 F-16AM 312sq (311sq mks)  
4576 P-3N 333skv  
15112, 15122 F-16AM Esq201/301  
105 MiG-29A 1.elt  
5304 MiG-29UBS Zmiesané Krídlo  
J-5233 F/A-18D Flst17  
XX156 Hawk T1 208(R)sq  
84-0044/LN, 86-0182/LN F-15D 493rd FS  
G-ONAA OV-10D ex Germany 99+18  
N590D O-2A ex USAF 67-21300  
The Belgian helicopters were flying from the static side.
Static Hangar Display:
FA05 F-16A travel exhibit  
FA82, FA118, FA119 F-16AM nmks  
H16 A109BA travel exhibit  
AT29 Alpha Jet 1B+ AJetS $
6425 MiG-29AS Zmiesané Krídlo  
F-AZZP CM170 ex France 569  
G-KAXF “N-194” Hunter F6 DHHF ex XF515  
HB-HZC PC-21 Pilatus  
PH-OUQ Spitfire Mk.IX KLu historic Flight  
N377WW T-28D ex USN 137777  
N4109C T-6G    
Hawk T1/A*/W^of the Red Arrows:
XX311, XX319*,XX322*,XX323*,XX325
Flying other side:
RF-26 Saab J105Ö Düsentrainerstaffel $
CE04 ERJ145LR 21sq  
FA84 F-16AM 2w $
FA92 F-16AM 2w  
FA106 F-16AM 10w $,12
FA110 F-16AM 10w $,12
FA69, FA77, FA86 F-16AM 10w  
FA89, FA103, FA107 F-16AM 10w  
FA123, FA124 F-16AM 10w  
H22, H36, H40 A109BA 1w (17sq)  
H24 A109BA 1w (17sq) $
RN06 NH90TTH 1w (18sq)  
ST40, ST41 SF260D CC Air  
7356 Mi-24V 221.vrl  
9892, 9904 Mi-171 222.vrl  
342/125-BA 364/125-BB Mirage 2000N EC02.004  
366/125-BA Mirage 2000N EC02.004  
142/113-GU Rafale C EC01.007 $
345/113-FL Rafele B EC01.091  
505 F-16C 340 Mira $
523 F-16C 340 Mira  
J-002, J-631 F-16AM F-16 Demo team  
Q-26 AH-64D 301sq  
67 MiG-29A 1.elt  
T-333 AS532UL flst6  
90-0011, 91-0011 F-16C 141 Filo, Solo turk $
ZD265/675 Lynx HMA8SRU 702sq  
SF260M+ of CC Air/Red Devils:
ST15, ST23, ST27, ST31, ST34
Alpha Jet E of EPAA20.300/Patrouille de France:
PC-7 of Pilotenrekrutenschule, PC-7 Team:
A-912/1, A-917/2,A-918/3,A-925/4,A-916/5
A-915/6, A-931/7,A-926/8,A-929/9,A-935
MB339NAT of Al Fursan:
440/1, 432/2,438/3,430/4,434/5,436/6,437/7
MB-339A/PAN of 311ºGruppo/Frecce Trocolori:
MM55055/0, MM54538/1,MM54480/2,MM55059/3
MM54505/4, MM54473/5,MM55054/6,MM55058/7
MM54482/8, MM54477/9,MM54514/0
L-39C of Breitling Jet Team:
During the Spotters day the FA106 and FA110 flew during the tactical demo, but they were transferred to the static on Saturday, they were replaced by the FA77 and FA86
Support Aircraft:
R96/61-ZN C-160R ET00.061 11
158/62-IR CN235 ET01.062 11
603 An-26 MH 59. Sz.D. REB 11
26 C295M 13.eltr 11
2718 L-410UVP-E20 Dopravné Krídlo 11
T-729 Beech 1900D LTDB 11
Flying only:
AT02, AT05, AT10, AT14 Alpha Jet 1B+ AJetS  
AT18, AT19, AT20 Alpha Jet 1B+ AJetS  
CH04 C-130H 20sq  
G14 MD520N Federale politie  
LX-N904454 E-3A NAEW&CF  
The MD520 was flying outside base perimeters, checking the traffic on the roads.
Base (31sm Tiger) Museum:
FA25 F-16A pres tail of FA38
FX02 F-104G pres tail of FX47
FX41 F-104G forward fuselage only  
FX61 F-104G pres  
MT14 CM170 pres  
FA16 F-16A pres gate guard  
FS17 F-84E pres compound  
FU66/RA-T F-84F pres compound  
FX86 F-104G pres compound  


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