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Koksijde 1982

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Open Day
Date: 9-10 July 1982
Made by: S.van den Krommenacker
Updated:   05 January 2016
AT11 Alpha Jet 1B VVS  
B4/OT-ZKD S-58A 40sm  
BD04 Mirage VBD 8sm  
CB01 B727-29QC 21sm  
CF06 Merlin IIIA 21sm  
CH05 C-130H 20sm  
CS01 HS748-2A 21sm  
FA19 F-16A 350sm  
FX100 F-104G 10Wg  
M3/OT-ZPC Alouette III 40sm  
MT1 CM-170 VVS  
RS01 Sea King Mk48 40sm  
ST25 SF-260MB EVS  
37+37 F-4F JBG36  
XX351 Hawk T1 nn  
80-0170/WR A-10A 509th TFS  
80-0227/WR A-10A 509th TFS  
80-0002/BT F-15C 525th TFS  
80-0024/BT F-15C 525th TFS  
CP10/OT-CAJ C-119 ex 20sm  
CP-9/OT-CAI C-119 ex 20sm  
B5/OT-ZKE S-58A 40sm  
B8/OT-ZKH S-58A 40sm  
RS02, RS03, RS05 Sea King Mk48 40sm  
FX65 F-104G nn  
MT9 CM-170 Red Devils cs  
V33 SV4 Belg.AF  
XX323 Hawk T1 nn  
FC03, FC10 TF-104G ex 10Wg  
FX45, FX58 F-104G ex 10Wg  
FX81, FX83, FX84 F-104G ex 10Wg  
FX93 F-104G ex 10Wg  
OO-RIA C207    
OO-PRZ Grob103    
OO-DHA R22    
F-GBON SA365    

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