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Koksijde 1983

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Date: 4-6 August 1983

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Updated: 23 March 2007

A-10A            81-0951/WR  	81 TFW             
A-10A            81-0991/WR     81 TFW  `91 TFS`   
ALPHA JET        AT-02          VVS      4-5th Only
ALPHA JET        AT-16          VVS      6th Only  
ALPHA JET        40+68          JBG-41             
ALOUETTE III     M3             40 SQN             
BO-105C          B44            299 SQN            
C-130H           CH-11          20 SQN             
F-16A            FA-12          1 WING             
HS-748           CS-03          21 SQN             
LYNX AH-1        XZ181      	3 RGT
MAGISTER         MT-4        	VVS                
MIRAGE VBD       BD-3           8 SQN              
MIRAGE F-1C      38/12-KL       EC2/12             
MERLIN IIA       CF-01          21 SQN   4-5th Only
MERLIN IIA       CF-02          21 SQN             
NF-5B            K-4009         314 SQN            
SF-260           ST-32          EVS                
SEA KING HAR 3   ZA105          202 SQN  4-5th Only
SEA KING 48      RS-03          40 SQN             
SIKORSKY S58     B4             40 SQN             
SIKORSKY S58     B8             40 SQN   4th Only  
UH-1D            71+35          HTG-64             
OV-10A           66-13562       601 TCW            
OV-10A           67-14637       601 TCW            
F-104G           FX-07       	10 WING
MAGISTER         MT-?           VVS    
SEA KING 48      RS-05          40 SQN 
STAMPE SV4       V33         

A-35XD           A-006       	ESK-725 
A-35XD           A-011          ESK-725 
ATLANTIC         250/V          321 SQN 
ATLANTIC         256/V          321 SQN 
ALOUETTE III     M2             40 SQN  
ALPHA JET        AT-01          VVS     
ALPHA JET        AT-16          VVS     
ALPHA JET        AT-20          VVS     
C-130H           CH-9           20 SQN  
CH-47C           68-16007       295 AVCO
E-3A             LX-N90443      NATO    
E-3A             LX-N90448      NATO    
NF-5A            K-3031         316 SQN 
NF-5B            K-4021         314 SQN 
F-16A            FA-65          10 WING 
F-16B            FB-18          10 WING 
F-104G           FX-47          10 WING 
F-104G           D-8112         306 SQN 
TF-104G          D-5807         CAV     
MAGISTER         MT-30		VVS
MAGISTER         MT-34		VVS
MAGISTER         MT-48		VVS 
MIRAGE VBA       BA-02		8 SQN
MIRAGE VBA       BA-10		8 SQN
MIRAGE VBA       BA-17		8 SQN
MIRAGE VBA       BA-20		8 SQN
MIRAGE VBA       BA-60		8 SQN
MIRAGE VBD       BD-07       	8 SQN  
P-3C             302/V          320 SQN
P-3C             303            320 SQN
SEA KING 48      RS-01		40 SQN
SEA KING 48      RS-02      	40 SQN
SEA KING 48      RS-04		40 SQN

C-119G           CP-10
C-119G		 CP-..
F-104G           FX-02		10 Wing
F-104G           FX-41		10 Wing
F-104G           FX-45		10 Wing
F-104G           FX-51		10 Wing
F-104G           FX-52		10 Wing
F-104G           FX-60		10 Wing
F-104G           FX-65		10 Wing
F-104G           FX-69		10 Wing
F-104G           FX-70		10 Wing
F-104G           FX-78		10 Wing
F-104G           FX-81		10 Wing
F-104G           FX-82		10 Wing
F-104G           FX-83		10 Wing
F-104G           FX-84		10 Wing
F-104G           FX-90		10 Wing
F-104G           FX-93		10 Wing
F-104G           FX-94          10 Wing
F-104G           FX-100		10 Wing
TF-104G          FX-10          1 Wing
TF-104G          FX-58       	1 Wing

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