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Koksijde 1989

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Date: 8 July 1989

Made by:


Alouette III         M-3      OT-ZPC       40 Smald 
Alpha Jet            AT-17                 9 WING 
Alpha Jet            AT-29                 9 WING 
CM-170R              MT-31                 33  Smald 
F-16A                FA-60 
F-16A                FA-67                 23 Smald 
F-16A                FA-71                 23 Smald 
F-16A                FA-75 
F-16A                FA-80                 23 Smald 
F-16A                FA-94                 31 Smald 
F-16A                FA-108                2 Smald 
F-16A                FA-111                8 Smald 
F-16B                FB-01                 1 WING 
HS-748-2A            CS-01                 21 Smald 
Hunter F4            ID-123                Stored 
Merlin IIIA          CF-04                 21 Smald 
S. King Mk48         RS-01                 40 Smald 
S. King Mk48         RS-02                 40 Smald 
S. King Mk48         RS-03                 40 Smald 
S. King Mk48         RS-04                 40 Smald 
S. King Mk48         RS-05                 40 Smald 
SF-260MB             ST-03                 5 Smald 
TF-104G              FC-06                 Stored 
C-119A               CP-10                 Stored 
C-119A               CP-11                 Stored 
F-104G               FX-02                 Stored 
F-104G               FX-03                 Stored 
F-104G               FX-100                Stored 
F-104G               FX-41                 Stored 
F-104G               FX-47                 Stored 
F-104G               FX-59                 Stored 
F-104G               FX-67                 Stored 
F-104G               FX-69                 Stored 
F-104G               FX-70                 Stored 
F-104G               FX-76                 Stored 
F-104G               FX-83                 Stored 
F-104G               FX-84                 Stored 
F-104G               FX-85                 Stored 
F-104G               FX-89                 Stored 
F-104G               FX-93                 Stored 
Mirage 5BD           BD-04                 42 Smald 
Mirage 5BR           BR-10                 42 Smald 
SV-4B                V-30     OO-MON 
Alpha Jet E          E14      5 F-TERD     GI 312  PdFRANCE 
Alpha Jet E          E19      1 F-TERH     GI 312  PdFRANCE 
Alpha Jet E          E53      8 F-TERC     GI 312  PdFRANCE 
Alpha Jet E          E55      4 F-TERE     GI 312  PdFRANCE 
Alpha Jet E          E63      7 F-TERL     GI 312  PdFRANCE 
Alpha Jet E          E107     6 F-TERK     GI 312  PdFRANCE 
Alpha Jet E          E156     2 F-TERG     GI 312  PdFRANCE 
Alpha Jet E          E170     9 F-TERM     GI 312  PdFRANCE 
Alpha Jet E          E171     3 F-TERN     GI 312  PdFRANCE 
Alpha Jet E          E172     0 F-TERO     GI 312  PdFRANCE 
C-160F               F99      61-ZQ        ET-61 
Mirage 2000B         505      2-FB         EC 2/2 
Mirage 2000B         509      2-FF         EC 2/2 
Alouette II          H-20                  SAR-flight 
Alouette III         A-351                 Grasshoppers 
Alouette III         A-390                 Grasshoppers 
Alouette III         A-398                 Grasshoppers 
Alouette III         A-465                 Grasshoppers 
Alouette III         A-499                 Grasshoppers 
Bo-105CB             B-79                  299 SQN 
F-16A                J-060                 315 SQN 
F-16B                J-065                 315 SQN 
F-27-300M            C-6                   334 SQN 
NF-5A                K-3019                316 SQN 
Bo-105P              86+84 
E-3A                 LX-N90453             NATO-OTAN 
C130.C3P             XW217 
Chinook HC1          ZA708    BK           18 SQN 
Hawk T1              XX225    225          4 FTS 
Hawk T1              XX240    240          4 FTS 
Hawk T1              XX294                 Red Arrows 
Hawk T1A             XX227                 Red Arrows 
Hawk T1A             XX237                 Red Arrows 
Hawk T1A             XX252                 Red Arrows 
Hawk T1A             XX253                 Red Arrows 
Hawk T1A             XX260                 Red Arrows 
Hawk T1A             XX264                 Red Arrows 
Hawk T1A             XX286                 Red Arrows 
Hawk T1A             XX306                 Red Arrows 
Hawk T1A             XX308                 Red Arrows 
Puma HC1             XW208    DP           230 SQN 
Tornado F3           ZE343    AI           229 OCU 
Gazelle HT1          ZA726                 663 SQN 
Lynx AH1             XZ643                 663 SQN 
Bucc. S-2B           XV863    863          12 SQN 
Bucc. S-2B           XZ431    431          12 SQN 
Bucc. S-2B           XZ432                 12 SQN 
Bulldog T1           XX614    11           CFS 
J. Prov. T3A         XN494    43           4 FTS 
J. Prov. T3A         XN497    52           1 FTS 
J. Prov. T5A         XW305    42           3 FTS 
J. Prov. T5A         XW323    44           3 FTS 
Phantom FG1          XV571    A            43 SQN 
Phantom FG1          XV586    AJ           43 SQN 
S. King AEW2         XV672    182          849 SQN 
CF-18A               188756                1 CAG 
CF-18A               188770                1 CAG 
CH-136               136224                444 SQN 
CH-136               136236                444 SQN 
CT-133A              133345                1 CAG 
C-130B               57-0525               167 TAS WV ANG 
C-130B               61-2640               156 TAS NC ANG 
AH-64A               84-24298              6 CAV 
UH-60A               86-24531 
KC-135Q              58-0077               9 SRW 
F-111E               68-0071   UH          77 TFS 
F-15C                79-0022   BT          22 TFS 

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