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Koksijde 1994

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Date: 3 July 1994

Made by: Scramble

Updated: 30 April 2001

T-413, T-429          MFI17        FLSK
U-278                 S61A         Esk722
4551                  Tornado      MFG2
8073                  Bo105M       Heer
9/12-ZQ, 30/12-ZO     Mirage F1C   EC2/12
302                   SA319B       22S
1420/AFF              SA341F       5RHC
4108/AEU              SA342M       5RHC
1811/JCL              AS350B       SAG Amiens
XX700/B1              Bulldog T1   HQUAS
XZ310		      Gazelle AH1  AAC
XX195/CA              Hawk T1      100sq
XZ652		      Lynx AH7	   AAC
XV235                 Nimrod MR2P  Kinloss
ZG753/CY              Tornado F3   5sq
ZF447                 Tucano T1    3FTS
MM6824/53-02          F-104S-ASA   21øGr
MM6878/53-10          F-104S-ASA   21øGr
LX-N90458             E-3A         NAEWF
G-273                 C-130H-30    20sm/334sq
L-04                  PC-7         EMVO
R-02                  AB412SP      SAR Flt    hangar
84-0027/SP            F-15C        53rd FS "53FS"
68-16963              OH-58C       2-227th AVN
88-26077              UH-60A       2-227th AVN
85-25482              AH-64A       2-227th AVN
37394/47              JA37         F17
60018/18              Sk60C        F5
101003/013            Tp101        F17
AT26                  Alpha Jet    9w
B4/OTZKD              HSS1         preserved
CF05                  SA226-3A     21sm
FA126                 F-16A        23sm     spec.c/s
H39                   A109HA       18sm
MT30                  CM170R       33sm
M3                    Alouette 3   40sm
RS02                  SeaKing Mk48 40sm
ST48                  SF260D       5sm
HA-JAC                Yak-18T        c/n 22202034139
OO-DBM                A75N1
OO-GWA                SV4C         'V-66'
OO-MLD                T.66S Tipper
OO-WIL                SV4B

506/2-FC, 511/2-FH    Mirage 2000B EC2/2
160                   SA319B       Aeronavale
1013/ADN              SA330H       6RHC
ZG533/CF, ZG857       Harrier GR7  4sq
XX233, XX234, XX237   Hawk T1      Red Arrows
XX308                 Hawk T1      Red Arrows
XX227, XX252, XX253   Hawk T1A     Red Arrows
XX260, XX264, XX306   Hawk T1A     Red Arrows
XX235, XX244          Hawk T1A     74sq     black cs
XV299                 Hercules C3P LTW
ZA559/F               Tornado GR1  13sq      spec.cs
ZA563/TC              Tornado GR1  15sq
XW856/549-CU          Gazelle HT2  705sq
XZ942/542-CU          Gazelle HT2  705sq
XZ588                 SeaKing HAR3 202sq
XW897/Z, XX408/Y      Gazelle AH1  Blue Eagles
XZ344/I, ZA737/V      Gazelle AH1  Blue Eagles
1x                    Gazelle      nn
1x                    Lynx         nn
A-324, A-390, A-398   Alouette 3   Grasshoppers
A-453, A-465          Alouette 3   Grasshoppers
C-8                   F27-300M     334sq     spec.cs
J-253, J-255          F-16A        Demo Team
L-03                  PC-7         EMVO
84-0019/SP            F-15C        53rd FS
37417/17, 37437/37    JA37         F17
60033/1, 60061/3      Sk60A        F5 (Team 60)
60062/7, 60096/2      Sk60A        F5 (Team 60)
60098/5, 60117/117    Sk60A        F5 (Team 60)
60125/4, 60139/6      Sk60A        F5 (Team 60)
84001/841             Tp84         F7
J-4020,J-4021,J-4022  Hunter F58   PdS
J-4025,J-4029,J-4030  Hunter F58   PdS
J-4030,J-4031         Hunter F58   PdS
AT03, AT08            Alpha Jet    9w
CS02                  BAe748-2A    21sm
FA107, FA112          F-16A        1sm,2sm
H10                   A109HO       18sm
M2/OTZPB              Alouette 3   40sm
RS01,RS03,RS04,RS05   SeaKing Mk48 40sm
G-BVBE                Jet Prov.T3A 'XN461'
RA-02384              Su-26
OO-FOR                AD4NA        '126965'
OO-SOT                LysanderIIIA '2442/AD-M'

191/8-NK              Mystere IV   derelict
292/12-LR?            SuperMystere derelict
B8/OTZKH              HSS1         preserved
FX02,FX47,FX52,FX69   F-104G       stored
ID26/OV-K             Hunter F4    b/u
ID123                 Hunter F4    preserved

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