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Koksijde 1998

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Date: 4/5 July 1998

Made by: Tony Lowther, anonymous, John Bennett

Updated: 26 August 1999

F-16A Fighting Falcon, Belgian AF
Absolutely stunning was the tiger scheme that the people of the Belgian tigersquadron (31sm of Kleine-Brogel) had painted on this F-16A (FA71). Without doubt one of the most beautiful tigers in history!

Photo Sainte Eric

A-22             ALOUETTE III          BLA 16 BTN 
B-07/LG          ISLANDER              BLA 16 BTN 
H-40             A-109HO               BLA 
M-2              ALOUETTE III          40 Sml 
AT-05            ALPHAJET              1 WING 
CH-10            C-130H                20 SML 
MT-48            MAGISTER              33 SML 
PL-72            G-102                 CADETS 
RS-05            SEAKING MK48          40 SML 
B-4/OT-ZKD       H-34A                 PRESERVED 
2088/JCR         AS-350B               FRENCH GENDARMERIE 
3617/CYA         SA-342M               1 RHC 
272              LYNX HAS.2            34F 
MM80986/15-15    HH-3F                 15 Stormo 
MM54476/61-02    MB-339A               61 STORMO 
MM54514/61-64    MB-339A               61 STORMO 
XX686/4          BULLDOG T.1           RAFCAS 
ZF117/VQ         SEAKING HC.4          846 SQN 
93-1008          OH-58D                1/4 CAV REGT 
96-26686         UH-60L                7-158 AVN 

RS-03            SEAKING MK48          40 SML 
ST-45            SF-260D               5 SML 

H-08             A-109HO               BLA 
FA-67            F-16A                 10 WG 
FA-71            F-16A                 31 SML 
FA-103           F-16A                 10 WG 
FB-04            F-16B                 U/M 
T-401            T-17                  FLSK 
T-402            T-17                  FLSK 
T-404            T-17                  FLSK 
T-426            T-17                  FLSK 
3529/CWU         AS-342M               1 RHC 
43+41            TORNADO IDS           JBG-31 
80+61            B0-105M               HEER 
MM54250/4-33     TF-104G               4 STORMO 
MM54254/4-36     TF-104G               4 STORMO 
MM7003/I-93      TORNADO               TTTE 
XX689/9          BULLDOG T.1           RAFCAS 
XX638            BULLDOG T.1           RAFCAS 
ZD402/31         HARRIER GR.7          20(R)Sqn 
ZD406/35         HARRIER GR.7          20(R)SQN 
ZD480/E          SEAKING HC.4          845 SQN 

AT-25            ALPHAJET              1 Wing 
AT-26            ALPHAJET              1 Wing 
MT-36            CM170R                33 SML 
MT-10?           CM170R                33 SML 
RS-01            SEAKING MK48          40 SML 
52/33-FK         MIRAGE F.1C           EC.03.033 
85/33-FR         MIRAGE F.1C           EC.03.033 
520/33-FL        MIRAGE F.1CR          EC.03.033 
E.48/314-TD      ALPHAJET              EAC00.314 
E.163/314-UM     ALPHAJET              EAC00.314 
L-05             PC-7                  EMVO 
L-09             PC-7                  EMVO 
ZE165/ZK         TORNADO F.3           11 SQN 
ZE200            TORNADO F.3           11 SQN 

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