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Koksijde 1999

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Date: 3/4 July 1999

Made by: Arno Cornelissen, Joop de Groot, Ian Mu

Updated: 28 July 1999

A79                 Alouette 2         16Bnt 
B04/LD              BN-2A-21           SLV 
M2/OT-ZPB           SA.316B            40sm/15wing 
H42                 A-109HA            17BnHATk 
B4/OT-ZKD           UH-34G             preserved                ex Belgian AF 
AT-05               Alpha Jet          1wing                    spec c/s 
CH-08               C-130H             20sm/15wing 
MT-40               CM-170R            33sm/1wing               Red Devils c/s 
FA-89               F-16A              no markings 
FA-128              F-16A              no markings 
FB-12               F-16B              no markings 
PL-70               Fournier RF-4      Air Cadets 
RS-04               Sea King MK48      40sm/15wing 
OL-L47/OO-SPG       L-18C-PI           Private, c/n 18-1547     ex French Army 51-15547 
ST-34               SF-260MB           5sm/1wing                spec c/s 
140113              CP-140             404sq/14wing             Spec tail marks 
2602                L-410UVP-E         1Dlt/6zDL 
5017                L-39ZA             322TPLT 
4060/AEN            SA.342M            6RHC 
1811/JCL            AS.350B            Gendarmerie 
274                 Lynx HAS2(FN)      34F                      241flt marks 
37+29               F-4F               JG72 
43+63               Tornado IDS        JBG34 
45+43               Tornado IDS        MFG2 
46+36               Tornado ECR        JBG32 
80+29               Bo-105M            HFR35 
MM55041/32-55       AMX-T              32St/101Gr 
MM55051/32-42       AMX-T              32St/101Gr 
MM6914/37-01        F-104S-ASA-M       37St/18Gr CIO 
MM6872/37-23        F-104S-ASA-M       37St/18Gr CIO 
85-25480            AH-64A             301sq 
R-02                AB-412SP           303sq 
S-433               AS-532U-2          300sq 
L-03                PC-7               131EMVOsq                marked 40.000 
J-204               F-16AM             322sq 
XX285/CH            Hawk T1A           100sq 
XZ118/FF            Jaguar GR1A        41sq 
XX484/CU-566        Jetstream T2       750sq 
XV704/CU-181        Sea King AEW2      706sq 
XZ579/PW-707        Sea King HAS6      819sq 
ZE209/U             Tornado F3         5sq 
ZG799/D             Tornado F3         5sq                      1435 flt markings 
OO-SPG              Cub                AF c/s 

Flightline Choppers: 
H03                 A-109HO            17BnHATk 
ZD272/H             Lynx AH7           671sq  Blue Eagles 
T-401               Saab T-17          FLSK 
T-403               Saab T-17          FLSK 
T-405               Saab T-17          FLSK 
T-421               Saab T-17          FLSK 
1660/AFF            SA.341F            6RHC 
ZJ239/R             Griffin HT1        DHFS/60[R]sq 
ZA726               Gazelle AH1        670sq  Blue Eagles 
XX378               Gazelle AH1        670sq  Blue Eagles 
XW865               Gazelle AH1        670sq  Blue Eagles 
ZB673               Gazelle AH1        670sq  Blue Eagles 

Flightline Far side: 
FA91/BL             F-16A              10wing 
FA124/BL            F-16A              10wing 
RS-02               Sea King MK48      40sm/15wing 
RS-05               Sea King MK48      40sm/15wing 
RS-01               Sea King MK48      40sm/15wing              inside hangar 
RS-03               Sea King MK48      40sm/15wing              inside hangar 
M1/OT-ZPA           SA.316B            40sm/15wing              inside hangar 
AT18                Alpha Jet          11sm/1wing               spec c/s 
AT25                Alpha Jet          1wing                    spec c/s 
MT-14               CM-170R            33sm/1wing 
MT-36               CM-170R            33sm/1wing 
37+37               F-4F               JG72 
45+45               Tornado IDS        MFG2 
L-11                PC-7               131EMVOsqn 
E150/8-NC           Alpha Jet E        ETO02.008 
E156/8-NT           Alpha Jet E        ETO02.008 
15/33-FJ            Mirage F1C         EC03.033 
512/33-FL           Mirage F1B         EC03.033 
517/33-FH           Mirage F1B         EC03.033 
R43/61-MO           C-160F             ET01.061 
E160/0              Alpha Jet E        Pat de France 
E?/1/F-TERH         Alpha Jet E        Pat de France 
E?/2/F-TERF         Alpha Jet E        Pat de France 
E?/3/F-TERK         Alpha Jet E        Pat de France 
E?/-/F-TERN         Alpha Jet E        Pat de France 
E?/5/F-TERA         Alpha Jet E        Pat de France 
E?/6/F-TERB         Alpha Jet E        Pat de France 
E?/7/F-TERI         Alpha Jet E        Pat de France 
E?/8/F-TERJ         Alpha Jet E        Pat de France 
E?/9                Alpha Jet E        Pat de France 
XX237               Hawk T1/T1A        Red Arrows 
XX253               Hawk T1/T1A        Red Arrows 
XX264               Hawk T1/T1A        Red Arrows 
XX266               Hawk T1/T1A        Red Arrows 
XX292               Hawk T1/T1A        Red Arrows 
XX294               Hawk T1/T1A        Red Arrows 
XX306               Hawk T1/T1A        Red Arrows 
XX307               Hawk T1/T1A        Red Arrows 
XX308               Hawk T1/T1A        Red Arrows 
2x                  Hawk T1/T1A        Red Arrows 
PA474/WS-J          Lancaster          BoBMF 
...../XT-C          Spitfire           BoBMF 
LF363/US-C          Hurricane          BoBMF 
XV294               Hercules C3        LTW                       Red Arrows support 
XZ381/-             Jaguar GR1A        16[R]sqn                  black tail 
ZA355/TAA           Tornado GR1        15[R]sqn 
ZA322/TAC           Tornado GR1        15[R]sqn 
ZD404/33            Harrier GR7        20[R]sqn 
ZD406/35            Harrier GR7        20[R]sqn 
MK732/OU-U/G-HVDM   Spitfire LF9c      DHSF                      ex Royal AF 

Flying only: 
300                 P-3C               MARPAT 

Visit on Sunday: 
CS01                HS748-2A           21 sm 

Gate guards: 
ID-123              Hunter             preserved 
B8/OT-ZKH           UH-34              preserved 

OO-IPZ              ? 
OO-PHR              ? 
OO-NUE              ? 
OO-WPA              CM170 
OO-OPA              CM170 
OO-DMT              R44 
OO-USN              Boeing Stearman    ex US 42-16532 
OO-EBC              Jungmann 
OO-EBL              Viima I            ex Finland VI-3 
OO-JKT              Fw44J              c/n 183 
OO-TGM              Tiger Moth T2      ex UK BB731 
OO-NHV              SA365 
OO-SVT              SV-4E              ex French Army (c/n 9) 

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