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Koksijde 2000

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Date: 8/9 July 2000

Made by:


E-199		F-16A		Esk 730, spec c/s
ET-197	        F-16BM	        Esk 726          
U-275	        S-61A-1	        Esk 722          
3870	        F-4F	        JG74             
4489	        Tornado IDS	JBG33    
4566	        Tornado IDS	MFG2     
2443/AIG	AS532UL	        4RHCM            
1811/JCL	AS350B	        Gendarmerie      
4172/AER	SA342M	        6RHC             
LX-N90446	E-3A	        NAEW&CF          
86-8983		AH-64A	        301sq            
B-77	        Bo105CB	        299sq, ann c/s   
R-02	        AB412SP	        303sq            
S-441	        AS532U2	        300sq            
U-03	        Fokker 60UTA-N	334sq 
4127, 5581	MiG-21MF	41slt
XX352/CP	Hawk T1A	100sq
ZH873/873	Hercules C4	LTW
XZ580/PW-704	Sea King HAS6	819sq
ZA137/(CU-)820	Sea King HAS5	771sq
ZD636/L-183	Sea King AEW2	849sq
81-0991/SP	A-10A		81st FS          
92-3292		C-17A	        437th AW         
64-0502/RS	C-130E	        37th AS          
97-0219/LN	F-15E	        492nd FS         
89-2001/AV	F-16CG	        510th FS, '31 FW'
89-2047/AV	F-16CG	        510th FS         
37446/06	JA37D	        F17              
AT18		Alpha Jet E	1w, spec c/s
B04/LD		BN-2B-21	SLV
FA128/FS	F-16A		1sm                   
FB22		F-16B	        nm/10w
G10		MD900	        Rijkswacht            
H28		A109HA	        18BnHATk              
M1/OT-ZPA	SA316B	        40sm                  
MT40		CM170	        33sm, Red Devil c/s
PL73		Grob G102	Luchtkadetten
RS04		Sea King Mk.48	40sm
ST06		SF-260M		5sm, yellow c/s
ST44		SF-260D	        5sm, yellow c/s
B4/OT-ZKD	HSS-1	        pres           
B8/OT-ZKH	HSS-1		pres
FX94		F-104G	        pres           
ID123/7J-P	Hunter F4	pres

Flightline static side:
0790		Mi-24V1		331ltbtv
0715	        W-3A	        62vrlt  
T-401	        T-17	        FSN ALB 
T-404	        T-17	        nmks    
T-409, T-423	T-17	        FLSK    
(1046)/AFB	SA341F	        6RHC    
ZH837		Merlin HM1	824(T)Flt   
XZ591	        Sea King HAR3	202(R)sq    
A65	        SA318C		nmks                
H02	        A109HO	        SLV         
G-BMVG	        U-6A	        ex KLu S-9  
OO-JEH	        PT-17                       
OO-JKT	        Fw44J                       
OO-SVS	        SV-4C		'N-RL'              
OO-SVT	        SV-4E		ex FAF 9            
OO-TGM	        Tiger Moth T2	ex RAF BB731
OO-USN	        PT-17		ex USAF 42-16532    

Flightline old runway:
CS03		HS748-2A	21sm
MM61990/46-04	C-130H		50ยบ Gr
XV176/176	Hercules C3	LTW

MB339As of the Frecce Tricolori:
MM54475/1	MM54543/6	MM54.../10
MM54551/2	MM54480/7	MM54479/12
MM54546/3	MM54473/8	MM54482/13
MM54536/5	MM54.../9

F-5Es of the Patrouille Suisse:
J-3081	J-3083	J-3085	J-3091
J-3082	J-3084	J-3087

Hawk T1/T1As of the Red Arrows:
XX227	XX264	XX306
XX233	XX266	XX307
XX253	XX292	XX308 +1

Far side:
4462		Tornado IDS	JBG33
4538		Tornado IDS	MFG2
F88/61-ZF	C-160R		ET00.061, Sunday only
E22/7-PU	Jaguar E	EC02.007
E36/7-PK 	Jaguar E	EC02.007
E40/7-PI	Jaguar E	EC02.007
24/33-FC	Mirage F1C	EC03.033, spec c/s
62/33-FD	Mirage F1C	EC03.033
516/33-FH	Mirage F1B	EC03.033
30/5-OZ		Mirage 2000C	EC03.005
518/5-OM	Mirage 2000B	EC03.005
J-141, J-366	F-16AM		315sq
L-01		PC-7		131EMVOsq
0103		L-39C		Czech AF
XX752/D		Jaguar GR3	16(R)sq, spec c/s
ZA322/TAC	Tornado GR1	15(R)sq
ZA355/TAA 	Tornado GR1	15(R)sq
ZE292/AZ	Tornado F3	56(R)sq
ZE339/AV	Tornado F3	56(R)sq, spec c/s
ZF242/242	Tucano T1	1FTS
ZF413/413	Tucano T1	1FTS
37438/38	JA37D		F17
37443/43	JA37D		F17
AT05		Alpha Jet E	1w, spec c/s
AT24		Alpha Jet E	1w
CH11, CH12	C-130H		20sm               
CM02		Falcon 20E      21sm               
FA81, FA93	F-16AM	        nmks               
FA116, FA136	F-16A	        nmks/10w
M2/OT-ZPB	SA316B	        40sm               
MT13		CM170	        33sm, Red Devil c/s
MT14		CM170	        33sm, spec c/s     
RS03		Sea King Mk48	40sm
And the Patrouille de France with the Alpha Jets coded 0-9.

Hangar far side:
RS02, RS05	Sea King Mk48	40sm
M3/OT-ZPC	SA316B		40sm

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