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Koksijde 2005

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Date: 4 September 2005

Made by: Scramble, Alan Allen, Marcel Bos, John Hutchins, Alan Kilham, John Varley, Dirk Jan de Ridder


Gate guards:
ID123/7J-P		Hunter F4		pres
B8/OT-ZKH		HSS-1			pres

ET-198			F-16BM			Esk727	spec mks   
43+48			Tornado IDS	        AG51               
44+78			Tornado IDS	        JBG31              
0008/ABM		CeF406		        EAAT               
309/4-AO		Mirage 2000N	        EC01.004           
891/MCE			PC-6/B2-H4	        ECTM	spec mks   
1100/BZR		SA330B		        3RHC               
01517			F-4E(AUP)	        338 MPK            
407	                An-26		        59.HRE             
240	                Beech 200MR	        102sq              
260	                PC-9M		        FTS                
MM62141/14-22		G222RM	                8┬░Gr               
A-247			SE3160	                300sq              
J-649, J-652		F-16BM	                306sq              
L-03			PC-7	                131EMVOsq          
Q-08, Q-19		AH-64D	                301sq              
XS739/F			Dominie T1	        55(R)sq            
ZJ242/E			Griffin HT1	        60(R)sq/SARTU      
XX200/CG		Hawk T1A	        100sq              
XX486/CU-567		Jetstream T2	        750sq              
XV228/28		Nimrod MR2	        Kinloss MRW        
XV707/184		S King ASAC7	        849sq              
87-24583		UH-60A		        Shape Flt Det      
A66			SA318C		        16sq MRH           
AT18	                Alpha Jet 1B	        11sm               
CH09	                C-130H		        20sm               
FA05	                F-16A	                i/a, travel exhibit
FA86	                F-16AM	                10w                
FA123	                F-16AM	                10w                
H16, H46		A109BA	                nn                 
LB06			L-21B	                MCVZ/CMVV          
MT37	                CM170	                11sm               
ST46	                SF260D	                5sm                
OO-VIW	                L-18C	                as Belgium "L33"   
PH-DHC	                DHC-2 Mk1	        as KLu "S-9"       
PH-MLM	                AT-16		        as KLu "B-71"      

M1			SA316B			40sm
RS02			Sea King Mk48		40sm

Far side:
E-190			F-16AM			Esk727
T-409, T-410, T-417	T-17			FLSK
T-419, T-426		T-17			FLSK
E29/314-TM		Alpha Jet E		EAC00.314
E47/314-TR		Alpha Jet E		EAC00.314
R48/61-MT		C-160R			ET00.061
36/5-OC			Mirage 2000C		EC02.005
513/5-OI		Mirage 2000B		EC02.005
156/ABT			TBM-700			EAAT
26			MiG-29UB		59.HRE
L-11			PC-7			131EMVOsq
ZD281/K			Lynx AH7		671sq
XX488/CU-562		Jetstream T2		750sq
A49			SA318C			16sq MRH
CE04			ERJ145LR		21sm
CM01			Falcon 20E		21sm
H20			A109BA			18sq MRH
M2, M3			SA316B			40sm
MT26, MT48		CM170			11sm
FA83, FA97		F-16AM			10w
FA111, FA118		F-16AM			10w
RS01, RS03		Sea King Mk48		40sm
G-FRCE			Gnat T1			ex XS104
G-RORI			Gnat T1			ex XR538

And the Patrouille de France with the following Alpha Jets:
E../1	E158/2	E134/3	E46/4
E31/5	E122/6	E162/7	E135/8

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