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Koksijde 2009

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Date: 4/5 July 2009

Made by: Scramble


1112/GB-12  		Saab J105Ö  	3.Düsenstaffel/FIR3
CE01  		        ERJ135LR  	21sm                 
CM01  		        Falcon 20E  	21sm               
CH04  		        C-130H  	20sm                   
G14  		        MD520N  	Federale Politie       
FA05  		        F-16A  		travelling exhibit      
FA55  		        F-16A  		i/a  $                  
FA71/FS  	        F-16AM  	2w                     
FA87  		        F-16AM  	31sm   #               
FB21  		        F-16BM  	nmks                   
FX04  		        F-104G  	pres                   
H01   		        A109BA  	18sq MRH  *            
H44  		        A109BA  	17sqMRH  *             
M1  		        SA316B  	40sm                   
M2, M3  	        SA316B  	40sm  *                
RS03, RS05  	        Sea King Mk48 	40sm  *          
RS04  		        Sea King Mk48 	40sm             
ST40  		        SF260D  	5sm                    
E-016  		        F-16AM  	nn                     
ET-612  		F-16BM  	nn
E88/314-LL 	 	Alpha Jet  	EAC00.314
623/133-MP  		Mirage 2000D  	EC03.003 
335/113-IJ, 336/113-IK  Rafale B  	EC01.091
1420/BXO  		SA341F  	3RHC
107/YV  		EMB121AA  	EAT00.319
43+42  			Tornado IDS(T)	JBG31
601  			F-16D  		340 Mira
406  			An-26  		MH 59. Sz.D.R
42  			JAS39D  	MH 59. Sz.D.R
J-511  			F-16AM  	nn
J-642  			F-16AM  	nn
669  			F-16AM  	FLO
AE.9-016/23-09  	SF-5M  		Ala 23 
T-339  			AS532UL  	nb  *
XX488/CU-562  		Jetstream T2  	750sq
ZA554/046  		Tornado GR4  	12sq
ZD849/110  		Tornado GR4  	617sq
ZF244/244, ZF287/287  	Tucano T1  	1 FTS
91-0349/SP  		F-16CJ  	22nd FS
91-0360/SP  		F-16CJ  	23rd FS
F-AZGU  		Vampire T55  	ex Swiss U-1229
PH-CGN  		Do-228  	Coast Guard
* = Also in flying display
# = tiger Colours
$ = 30 years of F-16 c/s

1134/BD-34  		Saab J105Ö  	1.Düsenstaffel/FIR2
CE03  			ERJ145  	21sm
FA110, FA136  		F-16AM  	nn
FA134  			F-16AM  	2W  %
R90/61-ZH  		C-160R  	ET00.061
30  			JAS39C  	MH 59. Sz.D.R
J-015  			F-16AM  	313sq  %
J-5004, J-5014  	F/A-18C  	nb
XX307  			Hawk T1  	208(r)sq  %
F-GPCJ  		CM170  		ex FAF 369
G-MKXI  		Spitfire PR.XI  ex RAF PL965
G-RORI  		Gnat T1  	ex RAF XR538
G-TIMM  		Gnat T1  	ex RAF XP504
The French Transall arrived on saturday as support for the Pa-
trouille de France.
% = demo colours

Baby Blue Team/FLSK, Saab T17:
T-427, T-432, T-405, T-402 +1 

Belgian SF260Ds of 5sm:
ST02, ST03, ST04, ST18, ST20

Belgian Alpha Jet 1B+s of  11sm:
AT01*, AT08, AT13*, AT14, AT29*, AT32*
Those marked * went to Waddington in the afternoon.

Croatian Wings of Storm/ETZ, PC-9M:
054, 056, 058, 065, 066, 068

Patrouille de France/ EPAA20.300, Alpha Jet E:
E122/F-TERD/1,   E134/F-TERM/2,   E163/F-TERB/3
E135/F-TERX/4,   E95/F-TERQ/5,    E114/F-TERR/6
E94/F-TERH/7,    E117/F-TERI/8,   E165/F-TERE/9
E158/F-TERF/0,   E162/F-TERJ/-

Cartouche Dorée/EPAA00.315, TB30
101/F-SEXR/1, 102/F-SEXS/2, 104/F-SEXU/3, 141/F-SEZF/4

Polish Iskry Team, TS-11:
2011/1, 2008/2, 1708/4, 2004/8, 1715/9

Marche Verte CAP232:

Royal Jordanian Falcon, EA300LP:

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