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Koksijde 2011

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Date: 7 July 2011

Made by: Scramble


3E-KO               SE3160        FlRgt 2/2
B04/OT-ZKD          S-58C         pres
BA26                Mirage 5BA    pres
CE01                ERJ135LR      21sm
CH10                C-130H        20sm
FA05                F-16A         travel exhibit
FA87                F-16AM        31sm  #
FB18, FB22          F-16BM        2w
FX21                F-104G        pres
H20, H36            A109BA        1w
G14                 MD520N        Federale Politie
LB05                L-21B         Luchtkadetten
MT49                CM170         travel exhibit
PL33                DG300         Luchtkadetten
RS05                Sea King Mk48 40sm
ST45                SF260D        5sm
P-339, P-352        AS550C2       Esk 724
86+66               Bo105P1       KHR 26
30+10               EF2000        JG74
40 ye               An-2T         Lennubaas  c/n 111747320
E51/705-AD          Alpha Jet E   EAC00.314
1650/F-HBVN         EC120B        EALAT/Helidax
4019/GAY            SA342M1       3RHC
157                 AS365N        35F
MM7292/4-12         EF2000        9°Gruppo
MMX612/PT1          NH-90         NH Industries, i/a
A-247               SA316B        300sq
D-102               CH-47D        298sq
N-175               NH-90NFH      860sq
L-11                PC-7          131(EMVO)sq
5528                Mi-8MTV-1     28.eLMW
80 ye               An-30         15 TABR   “open Skies”
ZH832               Merlin HM1    829sq
ZH454/Z             Sea King HAR3 22sq
ZF342/342           Tucano T1     1FTS
F-AZGU              Vampire T55   ex Swiss U-1229
F-AZFB              P3-03         ex Swiss A-805
F-AZJV              DHC-1         ex Portugal 1375
F-GPCJ “MT3”        CM170         ex FAF 369
G-BZGK              OV-10B        ex Luftw 99+32
G-CBJJ              Bulldog T1    ex RAF XX525
G-CBSS c/n 833707   Yak-52        ex DOSAAF 121
G-KAXF “N-294”      Hunter F6A    ex XF515
G-LOSM              Meteor NF11   ex RAF WM167
N1943S              Reliant       ex RAF FB735
OO-MMM              BN-2B.21      Polution Control  (Ex B-2)
OO-SPG              L-18C         ex L-47
OO-LBG              L-18C         ex L-49?
OO-VIW/L33          L-18C         ex ALAT 181544
OO-EIR              SV-4C         ex V-4
OO-LUK              SV-4B         ex V4
PH-TBR              AT-16ND       ex KLU B-182

Other side/Flying:
3E-KR               SE3160        FlRgt 2/2
H21, H25            A109BA        1w
CS-TMT              A330-322      21sm
M1                  SA316B        40sm
CH12                C-130H        20sm
CE-04               ERJ145LR      21sm
FA95                F-16AM        10w
FA110               F-16AM        10w  #
RS02                Sea King Mk48 40sm
RS03, RS04          Sea King Mk48 40sm  in hangar
E33/102-FJ          Alpha Jet E   EE02.002
E75/705-AE          Alpha Jet E   EAC00.314
E107/314-U          Alpha Jet E   EAC00.314  #
R91/61-ZI           C-160R        ET00.061
Q-17                AH-64D        301sq  #
J-015               F-16AM        322/323sq   #
J-512               F-16AM        323sq
0715                W-3A          243VRL
J-5017, J-5026      F/A-18C       FlSt 17
69-026, 69-031      C-160D        221 Filo
69-033              C-160D        221 Filo  #
ZK456/P             Beech B200    45(R)sq
XX244/244, 		    Hawk T1A      208(R)sq
XX307/307			Hawk T1A	  208(R)sq	
ZA607/070           Tornado GR4   617sq
ZF378/378           Tucano T1     1FTS
ZF491/491           Tucano T1     1FTS    
00-0185             C-17A         62nd AW
G-AGJG              DH89 Rapide   ex RAF X7344
N49AG               C-53D         ex USAAF 42-68810
N4109C “H210”         T-6G          ex SAAF 7227  
OO-DAF              UT-6          ex KLU 098
OO-SVB              SV-4B         ex V-43
PH-OUQ              Spitfire LF9c ex MK723

Alpha Jets 1B+ of 11sm:
AT05, AT11, AT24, AT27, AT31, AT32, AT33

SF-260Ds of 5sm/Red devils:
ST03, ST04, ST15, ST23, ST27

T-17s of FLSK/Baby Blue team:
T-410, T-415, T-418, T-425, T-428  
Alpha Jet E of EPAA20.300/Patrouille de France:
E85/1(F-UGFF), E163/2(F-TERE), E46/3(F-YHRF), E130/4(F-TERP)
E117/5(F-RCAI), E114/6(F-TERR), E162/7(F-TERJ), E158/8(F-TERF) 
E95/9(F-TERO), E134/0(F-TERN)

TS-11-BiDF of 1.OSzL/Team Iskry:
2008/2, 2009/3, 1708/4, 2007/7, 2013/10  

Hawk T65/A* of 88sq/Saudi Hawks: 
8805*, 8806*, 8807, 8808, 8810, 8811*, 8813, 8814  

NF-5A/B*-2000s of 134 Filo/Turkish Stars:
69-3001, 70-3025, 70-3039, 71-3048, 71-3049, 71-3058, 71-3066, 69-4009*, 71-4017*    

Hawk T1/A*s of the Red Arrows:
XX177, XX227*, XX237, XX242, XX260*, XX264*, XX266*, XX306*, XX308, XX322*  

F-16CJs of the Thunderbirds:
92-3898/1, 92-3896/2, 92-3908/3, 92-3880/4, 92-3888/5, 91-0392/6, 92-3890/7, 92-3881/8

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