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Koksijde 2014

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Koksijde Fly-In
Date: 2-3 August 2014
FA05 F-16A instructional $
H16 A109BA instructional  
M1 SA316B 40sq  
RN02 NH90-NFH 40sq $
RS05 Sea King Mk48 40sq  
D-EEDW SV-4C    
F-AZJV Chipmunk T20 ex Portugal 1375  
F-BNEX MH1521M ex AdlA 108  
F-BULT Procaer F-15A    
G-APIE Tipsy Belfair    
G-BEAH Auster J2    
(G-BWVZ) Chipmunk T10 ex RAF WK590/69  
G-CDRU C1.131E ex Spain E.3B-530  
N363CD Cirrus SR-22    
N9912H N2S-3 ex Bu07609  
OO-DAN Tipsy Nipper    
OO-EFN SV-4    
OO-ELV Jodel D112    
OO-JBO Robin R2160    
OO-MNM PA-18-150    
OO-NZV DR400/135CDI    
OO-PAX SV-4B ex Belgium V-5  
OO-PUS Ercoupe 415D    
OO-TMP PA-28-161    
40sqn hangar:
RN01 NH-90-NFH 40sq  
Outside 40sqn hangar:
RS-03 Sea King Mk48 instructional  
OO-ESV SV-4B ex Belgium V-23  
(PH-TBR) AT-16ND ex KLu B-182  
D-EFYT PA-28    
D-EHCB L-18C ex Belgium L-45  
D-EKCT DR400/180R    
D-ESRR Ce172R    
D-EUGD Ce172H    
D-FONL An-2T ex NVA 888  
F-AYLV L-5 ex Italy MM52970  
F-AYZA L-4H ex 43-30036  
F-BVOZ L-18C ex Belgium L-84  
F-BZPK L-4J ex 45-4407  
F-GAXC R-2160    
F-PHAT RV-6    
F-PNDF RF-47    
G-AAOK CW16    
G-AHBL DH87B ex RAF P6786  
G-AKVZ Messenger 4B ex RAF RH427  
G-ASXU Jodel D120    
(G-BWTG) Chipmunk T10 ex FAA WB671/910  
G-INDI Pitts S2C    
G-ONAA OV-10B ex Germany 99+18  
G-WMTM AA-5B    
N102SR Cirrus SR-22    
N1085H PA-28-181 Aerocolor  
N1138F PA-28R-200 Banba  
N1943S Reliant I ex RAF FB735  
N341AS SA341G SAC  
N377WW T-28B ex Bu137777/KV-863  
N4109C AT-6G ex South Africa 7727  
N41PS Pitts S2C    
N4212A PA-32RT-300    
N590D O-2A ex 67-21300  
N700SH SA341G SAC  
OO-GTI DA-20    
OO-GTS DR400    
OO-JFT Cirrus SR-20    
OO-KAT SV-4E    
OO-MON SV-4B ex Belgium V-30  
OO-OLI Beech 55    
OO-PRA PA-28-140    
OO-RVG R-44    
OO-SAB PA-23-250    
OO-SVG SV-4B ex Belgium V-21  
OO-TMN PA-28-161    
OO-VIW L-4H ex ALAT 51-15544  
OY-ALR L-4J ex 44-80691  
PH-AML Ce182R    

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