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Melsbroek 1964

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Date: 28 June 1964

Made by:

Updated: 2 January 2011

FU-52              F84F 
FU-93              F84F 
FU-113             F84F 
FU-118             F84F 
FU-146             F84F 
FU-154             F84F 
FR-6               RF84F 
FR-27              RF84F 
FX-12              F104G 
FX-15              F104G 
FX-18              F104G 
FX-19              F104G 
FX-22              F104G 
FX-23              F104G 
FX-25              F104G 
FX-26              F104G 
FX-28              F104G 
FX-29              F104G 
FX-33              F104G 
FX-37              F104G 
FX-38              F104G 
FX-45              F104G 
FT-3               T33A 
MT-5               Magister 
MT-44              Magister 
OL-L25             L18C 
OL-L29             L18C 
OL-L31             L18C 
OL-L48             L18C 
L-146              L21B 
L-147              L21B 
L-154              L21B 
OT-CNG             C47 
OT-CWG             C47 
OT-CWV             C54 
OT-ZAI             Pembroke 
OT-CAI             C119 
OT-CAL             C119 
OT-CAM             C119 
OT-CAN             C119 
OT-CAO             C119 
OT-CAP             C119 
OT-CBB             C119 
OT-CBJ             C119 
OT-CBM             C119 
OT-CBN             C119 
OT-CBO             C119 
OT-CEB             C119 
OT-CEH             C119 
OT-ZKE             S-58 
OT-ZKH             S-58 
OT-ZKI             S-58 
OT-ZKJ             S-58 
OT-ZKL             S-58 
OL-D03             DO-27 
V-4                SV4bis 
V-5                SV4bis 
V-11               SV4bis 
V-18               SV4bis 
V-27               SV4bis 
V-28               SV4bis 
V-36               SV4bis 
V-38               SV4bis 
V-41               SV4bis 
V-49               SV4bis 
V-52               SV4bis 
V-61               SV4bis 
V-62               SV4bis 
V-64               SV4bis 
OL-A03             SE3130 
OL-A14             SE3130 
OL-A17             SE3130 
OL-A32             SE3130 
OL-A39             SE3130 
M-5                T33A 		"Whiskey Four" 
M-20               T33A                 "Whiskey Four"
M-37               T33A                 "Whiskey Four"
M-55               T33A                 "Whiskey Four"
   /13-PB          Mirage IIIE 
352/UA             Magister 		"Patrouille de France" 
315/UB             Magister             "Patrouille de France"
362/UC             Magister             "Patrouille de France"
363/UD             Magister             "Patrouille de France"
374/UE             Magister             "Patrouille de France"
351/UF             Magister             "Patrouille de France"
XH116              Javelin                                   
XH713              Javelin 
XH902              Javelin 
XH904              Javelin 
XM214              Lightning 
XH591              Victor 
XR136              Argosy 
XP549              Jet Provost 		"Red Pelicans" 
XP550              Jet Provost          "Red Pelicans"
XP552              Jet Provost          "Red Pelicans"
XP554              Jet Provost          "Red Pelicans"
XP571              Jet Provost          "Red Pelicans"
XP572              Jet Provost          "Red Pelicans"
XP573              Jet Provost          "Red Pelicans"
38442              F5B 
41466              F101C 
62012              C133 
38513              UH1A 
2x                 F100D 
2x                 F101C 
2x                 F102A 
151591		   A-6 Intruder
149417             F4B 
ED+233             G91R 
GB+113             Noratlas 
GB+380             DO27 
MM     /46-36      C119 
CF-OYE		   DHC-4 Caribou

Frecce Tricolori: 
G91PAN coded 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 

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