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Melsbroek 1967

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Date: 24/25 June 1967

Made by:

Updated: 23 March 2007

FU-3             F-84F 				24th
FU-4             F-84F 
FU-10            F-84F 
FU-11            F-84F 
FU-12            F-84F 
FU-18            F-84F 				24th
FU-33            F-84F 
FU-45            F-84F 
FU-50            F-84F 
FU-52            F-84F 
FU-58            F-84F 
FU-60            F-84F 
FU-66            F-84F 
FU-67            F-84F 				24th
FU-105           F-84F 
FU-106           F-84F 
FU-108           F-84F 
FU-117           F-84F 
FU-128           F-84F 
FU-134           F-84F 
FU-140           F-84F 
FU-151           F-84F 
FU-152           F-84F 
FU-154           F-84F 				24th
FU-157           F-84F 				24th
FU-162           F-84F 				24th
FU-164           F-84F 
FU-167           F-84F 
FU-171           F-84F 
FU-179           F-84F 
FU-190           F-84F 
FR-9             RF-84F 
FR-27            RF-84F 
FX-1             F-104G 
FX-2             F-104G 
FX-7             F-104G 
FX-11            F-104G 
FX-12            F-104G 
FX-14            F-104G 
FX-15            F-104G 
FX-21            F-104G 
FX-23            F-104G 
FX-27            F-104G 
FX-28            F-104G 
FX-37            F-104G 
FX-43            F-104G 
FX-49            F-104G 
FX-51            F-104G 
FX-52            F-104G 
FX-57            F-104G 
FX-58            F-104G 
FX-61            F-104G 
FX-62            F-104G 
FX-65            F-104G 
FX-67            F-104G 			24th
FX-70            F-104G 
FX-72            F-104G 
FX-73            F-104G 
FX-81            F-104G 
FX-83            F-104G 
FX-84            F-104G 
FX-89            F-104G 
FX-91            F-104G 			24th
FX-95            F-104G 
FX-97            F-104G 
FX-100           F-104G 
MT-2		 CM170				24th
MT-5             Magister 
MT-9		 CM170				24th
MT-11		 CM170				24th
MT-20		 CM170				24th
MT-27		 CM170				24th
MT-41            Magister 
OL-L07           L-18C 
OL-L25           L-18C 
OL-L35           L-18C 
OL-L37           L-18C 
OL-L38           L-18C 
OL-L83           L-18C 
OL-L85           L-18C 
OT-CNB           C-47 
OT-CND           C-47 
OT-CWA           C-47 
OT-CWG           C-47 
OT-CWU           C-54 
OT-CWB           Aero Commander 
OT-ZAD           Pembroke 
OT-ZAE           Pembroke 
OT-ZAG           Pembroke 
OT-ZAH           Pembroke 
OT-ZAI           Pembroke 
OT-ZAJ           Pembroke 
OT-ZAK           Pembroke 
OT-ZAL           Pembroke 
OT-CAI           C-119 
OT-CAJ           C-119 
OT-CAK           C-119 
OT-CAM           C-119 
OT-CAN           C-119 
OT-CAO           C-119 
OT-CAQ           C-119 
OT-CAR           C-119 
OT-CAT           C-119 
OT-CBA           C-119 
OT-CBB           C-119 
OT-CBD           C-119 
OT-CBF           C-119 
OT-CBH           C-119 
OT-CBI           C-119 
OT-CBN           C-119 
OT-CBO           C-119 
OT-CBQ           C-119 
OT-CBR           C-119 
OT-CBS           C-119 
OT-CBT           C-119 
OT-CEB           C-119 
OT-ZKE           S-58 
OT-ZKK           S-58 
OT-ZKM           S-58 
OL-D01           DO-27 
OL-D03           DO-27 
OL-D05           DO-27 
V-18             SV4bis 
V-20             SV4bis 
V-28             SV4bis 
V-45             SV4bis 
V-61             SV4bis 
OL-A17           SE3130 			24th
OL-A32           SE3130 			24th
OL-A36           SE3130 
OL-A37           SE3130 
OL-A40           SE3130 
48/2-EF          Mirage IIIE 
227/2-FP         Mirage IIIB
347/33-CP        Mirage IIIR 
49               Fan Jet Falcon 
XN791/P          Lightning 		19sq
XN774/C          Lightning 		19sq
XR140            Argosy 
XS604            Andover 
WV729            Pembroke 
WJ945            Varsity 
XS736            Dominie 
XM707/91         Gnat 
XR534/93	 Gnat
XR540            Gnat              	Red Arrows 
XR986            Gnat              	Red Arrows 
XR992            Gnat              	Red Arrows 
XR993            Gnat              	Red Arrows 
XR994            Gnat              	Red Arrows 
XR995            Gnat              	Red Arrows 
XR996            Gnat              	Red Arrows 
XS111            Gnat              	Red Arrows 
40893            F-4D 
40925            F-4D 
0-51133          C-47 
14864            HC-130 
10313            KC-135 
59401            C-141 
DA+105           F-104G 
DA+107           F-104G 
DA+122           F-104G 
DA+259           F-104G 
AS+596           Noratlas 
MM26003/46-34    C-119 
MM26057/46-90    C-119 
MM61899/SM-21    C-131 
MM54183/RS-16    MB326 
MM61902/RS-22    P166 
MM6238/1	 G91PAN
MM6264/2	 G91PAN
MM62520/3	 G91PAN
MM6244/6	 G91PAN
MM6240/8	 G91PAN
MM6241/9	 G91PAN
MM6261/10	 G91PAN
MM6255/13	 G91PAN
MM6254/14	 G91PAN
MM6248/15	 G91PAN
MM6249/16	 G91PAN
R-757		 F-104G			RDAF
R-758            F-104G 		RDAF
RT-681           TF-104G		RDAF 
1x		 F-104G			RDAF
N-625            C-54 
12721            CF-104 
12747            CF-104 
12767            CF-104 
1x		 CF-104
KG828            C-47 

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