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Oostende 1995

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Date: 29 July 1995

Made by: Scramble


CF02                  SA226T       21sm
CH12                  C-130H       20sm
FA121                 F-16A        1sm
FA128                 F-16A        2sm
MT36                  CM 170R      33sm
M2                    Alouette 3   40sm
130337                CC-130H      Trenton Wg
1663/ADC              SA330Ba      6RHC
1197/AFA              SA341F       6RHC
3848/AEO              SA342M       6RHC
LX-N90456             E-3A         NAEWF
B-48                  Bo105CB      299sq
0449/3-449            F-5B         151 filo 3AJU mks
11033/5-033           F-5B         151 filo
"598"                 Su-27P       TPS
XR505/WA              Wessex HC2   2FTS
XV720                 Wessex HC2   22sq
XV725/C               Wessex HC2   72sq
XX173, XX232          Hawk T1      6FTS
XX235, XX244          Hawk T1      74(R)sq
XX713                 Bulldog T1   6FTS
ZA947/YS-DM           Dakota C4    BoBMF
P7350                 Spitfire IIA BoBMF
ZA327/B-51, ZA560     Tornado GR1  TTTE
XX482/J               Jetstream T1 45(R)sq
XX116                 Jaguar GR1A  16(R)sq
XX832                 Jaguar T2A   16(R)sq
XW218/BW              Puma HC1     18sq
XV671/CU-181          Sea King AEW2A 819sq
ZF406, ZF411          Tucano T1    1FTS
Hawk T1/T1A of the Red Arrows:
XX237,  XX252,  XX253, XX260, XX264,  XX266,  XX304,
XX306,  XX307,  XX308

G-HIII, G-SIII        EA-300       Rover Group
G-BVBE                J.Provost T1 'XN461/28'
N167B                 A26B         '434602'
NZ5648                Corsair ?
OO-PAX                SV-4B
RA-04130              Mi-10
RA-06041              Mi-26T       Sky Tech
SE-DXA                Hunter F58
SE-DXY                Vampire      '28693'
TY-BBW                B707-321C    Rep.of Benin
UK-86574              IL-62M       Uzbekistan
G-....                SBLim-2M     6247
'A68-192'             P-51

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