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Oostende 1996

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Date: 28 July 1996

Made by: Marcel de Jong, Roger Janssens, Michael Stolle

Updated: 30 November 2003

reg             code       type            unit       c/n        rem 
LX-DKT                     C-47                                  bare metal 
28521                      Harvard 
5N-TNO                     B.707 
5N-MXX                     B.707-323C                 18940 
5T-BOB                     Ce.421B                    421B-0039 
D-FBAW/804                 An.2                       1G160-01 
4553                       Tornado 
4314                       Tornado 
4549                       Tornado 
F-GOTI                     CAP.10B                    203 
F-GRPA                     CAP.232 
F-BXCS                     MH.1521 
F-GOBT                     SF.260                    Marked as BF8431 Burkina Faso AF 
G-ASMT                     Linnet 2                   004 
G-ASMS                     Ce.172 
G-ICOM                     Ce.172 
G-FUGA                     CM.170R 
G-BRIH                     PA.18 
G-BKEK                     Cherokee six 300 
G-BOTI                     PA.28-151 Warrior          28-7515251 
XX385                      Gazelle 
XX405                      Gazelle 
XZ317                      Gazelle 
ZA777                      Gazelle 
XZ175                      Lynx 
XZ641                      Lynx 
G-BWGT                     Jet Provost 
XX561                      Bulldog T.1 
XV292                      Hercules C.1P              4257 
ZA947                      Dakota C.3 
ZF417                      Tucano T.1 
ZF446                      Tucano T.1 
ZA708           BC         Chinook HC.2 
XX227                      Hawk T.1        Red Arrows 
XX233                      Hawk T.1        Red Arrows 
XX235                      Hawk T.1 
XX237                      Hawk T.1        Red Arrows 
XX244                      Hawk T.1 
XX252                      Hawk T.1        Red Arrows 
XX253                      Hawk T.1        Red Arrows 
XX260                      Hawk T.1        Red Arrows 
XX266                      Hawk T.1        Red Arrows 
XX292                      Hawk T.1        Red Arrows 
XX306                      Hawk T.1        Red Arrows 
XX308                      Hawk T.1        Red Arrows 
                EB         Jaguar GR.1     6 sq. 
                U          Jaguar T.2 
XX141           EV         Jaguar T.2 
PA474                      Lancaster B.I 
AB910                      Spitfire 
P7350                      Spitfire 2A 
XT603           WF         Wessex HC.2 
ZA560                      Tornado GR.1T 
ZD847           CH         Tornado GR.1 
XV102                      VC-10                      832 
HA-ANH                     An.2                       1G132-54 
HA-SIF                     Z.50LS                     33 
HA-SIJ                     Z.50LS                     56 
LX-RCD                     PA.28 
N6096E                     Be.V35 
N49AG                      C-47                                  marked as BLu K16/OT-CWG 
N4531J                     PA.28 Cherokee Arrow 
OO-SKE                     Bell 206 
OO-CMD                     Be.A36 Bonanza             E.1784 
OO-ETF                     Ce.150 
OO-NZA                     Ce.FRA.150M                0336 
OO-RTC                     Ce.FR.172H                 0265 
OO-VDW                     Ce.172 
OO-DVB                     H.500 
OO-GAS                     MS.880B Ralleye Club       1700 
OO-NSA                     MS.893A                    10612 
OO-TMT                     PA.28-161 Warrior II 
OO-OAC                     Ralleye 200 
OO-PAX                     SV.4B                      1147 
OO-GRH                     Wa.40A Super IV            102 
A74                        Alouette II                2094/706C-A170 
H02                        A.109HO                    0302 
MT-14                      CM.170R                    271 
MT-36                      CM.170R                    293 
FA 69                      F-16A                      6H-69 
FA101                      F-16A                      6H-101 
B03                        BN.2A-21                   G.476 
M1/OT-ZPA                  Alouette III               1812 
OY-SKA                     Sk.35XD 
S-256                      Lynx Mk.90                 WA.256 
P4-ESP                     B.707 
RA-31064                   Ka.32T                     8606 
RA-04130                   Mi.10K                     2294 
RA-06041                   Mi.26                      34001212431 
RA-02384                   Su.26 
597                        Su.27 
RA-82045                   An.124                     9773052255113 
N167B                      A-26B                      27881      Marked as 44-34602 
SE-DXA                     Hunter 
472218                     P-51D 
SE-DXY                     Vampire 
SP-FKK                     Mi.2                       510601127 
UK-86573                   Il.62M                     4140536 
VH-XRD                     Superstar 700 

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