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Oostmalle-Zoersel 2008

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Date: 3 May 2008

Made by: Scramble


G-AOJR 		Chipmunk T10 		ex WB756        
G-APYG 		Chipmunk T10            ex WB619        
G-ARMG 		Chipmunk T10            ex WK558        
(G-ATHD) 	Chipmunk T10            ex WP971        
G-BBMZ 		Chipmunk T10            ex WK548        
G-BCPU 		Chipmunk T10            ex WP973        
(G-BWVZ) 	Chipmunk T10            ex WK590/69     
(G-DHCC) 	Chipmunk T10            ex WG321/G      
(G-HAPY) 	Chipmunk T10            ex WP803/G      
(G-PVET) 	Chipmunk T10            ex WB565/X      
(G-ULAS) 	Chipmunk T10            ex WK517        
(OY-ATL) 	ChipmunkMk20            ex Denmark P-146
OO-IAK 		Yak-18 			private
OO-LOT 		L-18C		 	ex L144
OO-MMD 		SV-4C 			ex France 56
OO-VIW 		L-18C 			as "L33"
OO-VMH 		FwP149D 		ex 90+16
And a number of small general aviation aircraft. Next month we
will also give an overview of the Stampe Fly-in at Antwerpen
that took place on the same day.

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