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Ursel 1986

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Date: Date: 19 -20 July 1986
Made by: Martin Herbert, Stephan vd Krommenacker
Updated:  12 January 2016
LB-01 L-21B Air Cadets  
Pl90 Twin Aster Air Cadets  
ZD981/BD Chinook HC1 18sq  
ZA447/EA Tornado GR1 15sq  
45/30-SR Mirage F-1C EC1/30  
B-75 Bo-105C 299sq  
82-0655/WR A-10A 91st TFW  
79-23394 CH-47C 180th AvCo  
81-23593 UH-60A 48th AvCo  
82-23722 UH-60A 203rd AvCo  
G02 SA330 Rijkswacht  
FA54 F-16A nn  
5x SE3160 Grasshoppers  
7x C101EB Team Aguilla  
TE.12B-40/792-3 C-212D 792 Esc  
ZA392/EK Tornado GR1 15sq  
80-0228/WR A-10A 510th TFS  


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