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Weelde 1996

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Date: 26-28 April 1996

Made by: Scramble


BA33                  Mirage 5BA   store/Belgian AF
BR09                  Mirage 5BR   store/Belgian AF
FA25                  F-16A        store/Belgian AF
FB03                  F-16B        store/Belgian AF
H02                   A109HO       nn
MT3                   CM170R       store/Belgian AF
2021                  MiG-23ML     store/ex Germ.AF
9635                  Mi-24D       store/ex Germ.AF
J-4077                Hunter F58   store/ex Swiss.AF

PL62, PL63            ASK13        Luchtkadetten
PL71                  Grob 102     Luchtkadetten
PL84                  Grob 103     Luchtkadetten

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