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Weelde 1999

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Date: 24 April 1999

Made by: Scramble, Martijn van den Akker jr.

Updated: 4 April 2000

Static display:
FA25		F-16A		stored	
FA43		F-16A		stored
BR23		Mirage 5BR	stored
BA42		Mirage 5BA	stored
1014		TS-11		ex Polish AF
96+35		Mi-24D		ex DDR 
20+21		MiG-23ML	ex DDR
J-4077		Hunter F.58	ex Swiss AF
PL72            Grob G102	Luchtkadetten  	display in hangar

On airfield near runway:
PL51		Schleicher K8	Luchtkadetten
PL52		Schleicher K8	Luchtkadetten
PL66		Schleicher K8	Luchtkadetten
PL88		Grob G103A	Luchtkadetten
PL91		Grob G103A	Luchtkadetten

Dumped in woods behind hangars:
FX79		F-104G          Tailsection only
FX83            F-104G          Tailsection only
FX85            F-104G          Tailsection only
FX89            F-104G          Tailsection only

Stored in woods behind hangars:
191/8-NK 	Mystere IVA      
145/12-ZR       Super Mystere B2 

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