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Zoersel-Oostmalle 2005

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Date: 15 May 2005

Made by: Scramble, Mark Schellekens, Alex Smit


Participants Chipmeet:
D-ERTY			Chipmunk T10	ex UK WP835     
F-AZJV		        DHC-1-200	ex Portugal 1375
G-AOJR		        DHC-1		nn              
G-ATHD		        Chipmunk T10	ex UK WP971     
G-BCPU		        Chipmunk T10	ex UK WP973     
(G-BWTG)	        Chipmunk T10	ex UK WB671     
(G-BWVZ)	        Chipmunk T10	ex UK WK590     
G-BXHA		        Chipmunk T10	ex UK WP925     
(G-DHCC)	        Chipmunk T10	ex UK WG321     
G-HDAE		        DHC-1-200	ex Portugal 1304
(G-PVET)	        Chipmunk T10	ex UK WB565     
OY-ATF "WD319"	        Chipmnk Mk20	ex Denmark P-138 
OY-ATO		        Chipmnk Mk20	ex Denmark P-129 
OY-ATR		        Chipmnk Mk20	ex Denmark P-140 

LB03, LB05		L-21B		MCVZ/CMVV
PL75			Grob G102	Luchtkadetten
PL81, PL84, PL89	Grob G103A	Luchtkadetten
D-ECBW			P149D		ex Germany 92+19
OO-SML			SF260		nn
OO-VMH "90+36"		FwP149D		ex Germany 90+16
OY-POT			FwP149D		ex Germany 90+08
RA-1771K, RA-3085K	Yak-52		Yakkes Foundation
RA-3326K		Yak-52		Yakkes Foundation

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