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Zoersel-Oostmalle 2011

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Date: 20 August 2011

Made by: Scramble


FA05                F-16A            travel exhibit
H01                 A109HO           wing Heli
RS02                Sea King Mk48    40sm
D-EFFB              Do27-A1          ex GAF 56+04
D-EIBE              Do27-A1          ex GAF 56+34
D-GVCC              DA-42            private
D-FUKK              Harvard  IV      ex RCAF 20255
F-AZER              MD311            ex FAF 276
F-AZFN/22-DG        AD-4NA           ex FAF 125716
F-AZKU              P-40N            ex USAAF 42-105915
F-GMCY/67           N1101            ex FAF 67
G-BEOL              SC-7             ex JA8803
G-BXKW              T67M             ex Hong Kong HKG-13
G-CBJJ              Bulldog T1       ex RAF XX525/03
G-CBSS              Yak-52           ex DOSAAF 121  833707
G-RADR/H-503        AD-4NA           ex FAF 126922, TR-KMM
G-TROY              T-28             ex USAF 51-7692/FAF 142
HB-RCB              P-3              ex Swiss A-859
LX-MAC              L-18C            ex ALAT 185392
LX-PAC              L-19E            ex ALAT 24566
N13FY               AT-6A            ex USAAF 41-16544/
N35YY               SA350B           private
N300PP              Beech B300LW     private
N343NA/212          T-28D            ex USN 138343   
N377WW/KV-863       T-28D            ex USN 137777
N1328B/TL-354       T-28D            ex USN 138354
N1943S              AT-19            ex USAAF  42-44176
N2070P              TH-13T           ex USAR 64-17847 
N14113              T-28             ex FAF 51-7545/Haiti 1236
OO-ATY              L-18C            ex 53-4821/L-147/OL-L47
OO-GWC              SV4              ex FAF 1
OO-HBQ              L-18C            ex OL-L56/L-156/53-4830
OO-LGB/OL-L49       L-18C            ex 51-15650 
OO-LOT              L-18C            ex 53-4818/L-144/OL-L12
OO-LUK              SV4C             ex Belgium V41
OO-SPG/L-47         L-18C            ex 52-2460/R-53
OO-SPJ              L-18C            ex 51-15547/ALAT 181547
OO-SPM              SV4              ex FAF  349
OO-SVA              SV4C             ex Belgium V49
OO-VIW/L-33         L-18C            ex 51-15544/ALAT 181544
OO-VMH              FW149D           ex 90+16
OO-VSV              SV4              ex FAF 248
PH-VDF/L2-W         TF-51D           ex USAAF 44-72922
This is only a partial listing of what was seen. As most of it compromises small aviation we do not mention these. 
So only the aircraft with a military background are mentioned. We are sorry for that.

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