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Anapolis 2013

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Anapolis Portões Abertos
Date: 3 October 2013
5705 A-29A nn (1°/3°GAv)  
5725 A-29A nn (2°/3°GAv)  
5965 A-29B EDA Fumaça  
2736 C-98A BAAN  
2804 C-105A 1°/15°GAv  
6701 E-99 2°/6°GAv  
4874 F-5EM nn (1°GAvCa) silver c/s
4910 F-103E i/a base entrance
4915 F-103E preserved  
4932, 4933 F-2000B 1°GDA  
4941, 4942 F-2000C 1°GDA o/h hangar
4944, 4946 +1 F-2000C 1°GDA  
4945, 4948 F-2000C 1°GDA  
8736 H-34 3°/8°GAv  
7201 P-3AM 1°/7°GAv  
6750, 7652 R-99 2°/6°GAv  
PR-PMG/Falcão 2 AW119 Policía Militar MG  
With the end of the F-2000 nearing, this was the last opportunity to see them at their home base

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