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AnĂ¡polis 2014

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Anápolis Puertas Abiertas
Date: 13-9-2014
5541 A-1A nmks  
5657 A-1B nmks shed
5708, 5732 A-29A nmks  
5966 A-29B EDA Fumaça  
2736 C-98A BAAN  
6700 E-99 2°/6°GAv  
4847 F-5EM 1°/4°GAv  
4848 F-5EM nmks  
4941 F-2000C wfu  
6001 R-35A 1°/6°GAv  
6751 R-99 2°/6°GAv  
7804 RQ-450 1°/12°GAv shed
1348, 1357 T-27 1°EIA  
Flightline east:
4820, 4836, 4844 F-5EM nmks  
4545, 4850, 4877 F-5EM nmks  
4823, 4834, 4849, 4862 F-5EM 1°/14°GAv  
4807 F-5FM 1°/14°GAv  
Flightline west:
5533, 5538 A-1A nmks  
5651 A-1B nmks  
5520 A-1M nmks  
5711, 5713, 5733 A-29A nmks  
5920, 5928, 5932, 5934 A-29B nmks  
5936, 5939, 5950, 5951+3 A-29B nmks  
4824, 4870, 4876 F-5EM nmks  
4851, 4857 F-5EM 1°/14°GAv  
8694 H-1H nmks  
5660 A-1B nmks hangar
5506 A-1M nmks hangar
5723 A-29A nmks hangar
4826, 4869 F-5EM overhaul hangar
4933 F-2000B wfu hangar
4940 F-2000C wfu 78
4942 F-2000C wfu 140
4945 F-2000C wfu 68
5539 A-1A 1°/10°GAv  
5525 A-1M nmks  
6701 E-99 2°/6°GAv hangar
6702, 6704 E-99 2°/6°GAv  
4901/AN F-103D wfu shed
4922 F-103E wfu shed
6005 R-35AM 1°/6°GAv arr
6750 R-99 2°/6°GAv hangar
4910 F-103E under shed silver c/s  
4915/AN F-103E gateguard  
4930 F-103E 1°GDA HQ nose only  
The second Open Day of the weekend was held at nearby Anápolis, the former home of the FAB Mirage fleet. After a few hours driving we arrived around noon,
and found the base packed with aircraft, which were participating in a FAB exercise called BVR/Sabre 2.
Beyond visual range combat was being practiced here for a few weeks; hence the large numbers of F-5s and A-29s.
We were happy to find a lot of Mirages were still present as well, albeit wfu (the four missing F-2000s were parked near the alert shelters and could not be seen).
Again, we had access to some areas sealed off for the general public, which produced the log above.


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