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Belo Horizonte 2009

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Date: 27 September 2009

Made by:


5512 			A-1A 		1°/16°GAv        
5940                    A-29B 		3°/3°GAv        
2187                    C-95 		AFA              
2326                    C-95B 		3°ETA           
2734                    C-98A           BACG   
4826                    F-5EM           1°GAvCa
4940                    F-2000C 	1°GDA         
1831                    YT-25B 		PAMA-LS        
1361                    T-27 		1°EIA            
N-1021 		        AF-1A 		VF-1            
PP-BBM/01 	        AS350B2 	Bombeiros (MG)      
PR-BOA/03 	        AS350B2         Bombeiros (MG)      
PP-EJJ/Pégasus 07 	AS350B2         Polícia Militar (MG)
PP-EJM/Pégasus 10 	AS350B2         Polícia Civil (MG)  
PP-ESP/01 		AS350B2         Polícia Civil (MG)  
PP-IEF 			AS350B2         IEF                 
PT-WHG 			Raytheon 400A
Plus of course EDA Fumaça.

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