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Brasilia 2006

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Date: 21 October 2006

Made by:


5503			A-1		1°/16°GAv      
5533	                A-1A	        3°/10°GAv      
5910	                A-29B	        2°/3°GAv       
2116	                VC-96	        GTE            
2010	                VC-97	        6°ETA          
2550	                VC-99B	        GTE            
4823, 4836	        F-5E	        1°GAvCa        
4830		        F-5EM	        1°/14°GAv      
8818	                VH-55	        GTE            
7100	                P-95B	        1°/7°GAv       
6702	                R-99A	        2°/6°GAv       
1945	                T-25A	        2°EIA/AFA      
4469	                AT-26	        1°/4°GAv/clubs 
4513	                AT-26	        1°GDA          
1326/7, 1327/3		T-27		EDA Fumaça
2655	                VU-9	        6°ETA          
2710	                VU-35A	        GTE            
6100	                VU-55C	        GTE            
PP-HFO/Caçador 09	AS355N	        Polícia Federal
PR-CBM/03		EC135	        Bombeiros      
PR-OPF			ERJ145	        Polícia Federal

2800			C-105A		nn (1°/9°GAV?)

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