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Canoas 2012

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Canoas Expoaer 2012
Date: 12 October 2012
2305, 2330 C-95BM 5°ETA  
2018 C-97 5°ETA  
2739 C-98A BASM  
2741 C-98A 5°ETA  
6701 E-99 2°/6°GAv  
4837, 4844 F-5EM 1°/4°GAv  
4851, 4859 F-5EM 1°/4°GAv  
4807 F-5FM 1°/14°GAv  
4940, 4941, 4946 F-2000C 1°GDA  
8916 H-60L 5°/8°GAv  
7202 P-3AM 1°/7°GAv  
7108 P-95B 2°/7°GAv  
1308/7, 1327/1 T-27 EDA Fumaça  
1381/3, 1434/2 T-27 EDA Fumaça  
1435/3 + codes 4, 5, 6 T-27 EDA Fumaça  
EB-2020 HM-1 2°BAvEx  
PT-WZC Beech C90SE UNIAir  
Nothing special here, most Tigers were Manaus-based examples on exercise here as were the Mirages. That being said, the report is based on internet photographs and not on a spotter's log.


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