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Manaus 2011

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Manaus Portões Abertos
Date: 13-11-2011
Static / flightline along static:
2719 C-98 7°ETA, wh c/s 208B-0803
2740 C-98A 7°ETA 208B-2277
2801, 2803 C-105A 1°/9°GAv  
2809 C-105A 1°/15°GAv  
4828 F-5EM 1°/4°GAv/clubs  
4873 F-5EM 1°/4°GAv/diamonds  
EB-2008 HM-1 4°BAvEx  
EB-4007 HM-3 4°BavEx 2604
N-7058 UH-12 HU-3 1927
PP-PSA EMB120ER Air Amazônia 120-302
PR-EAN AS350B3 PM Amazonas 4848
T-27 of EDA Fumaça:
1329/1, 1326/2, 1394/2, 1371/3, 1358/4, 1327/5, 1435/6, 1314/7
7°/8°GAv Hangar (not in public area):
2727 C-98 7°ETA 208B-0510
8901 H-60L 7°/8°GAv 70-2882
8902 H-60L 7°/8°GAv 70-2885
8903 H-60L 7°/8°GAv 70-3373
8904 H-60L 7°/8°GAv 70-2971
8905 H-60L 7°/8°GAv 70-3011
DSM MN Hangar (closed, off limits)
4848 F-5EM nn, probably 1°/4°GAv on base
4851 F-5EM nn, probably 1°/4°GAv visitor
2353 C-115 preserved  
2360 C-115 preserved  
2453 C-130    
Manaus houses several units of the air force and army which means a varied static but also more than one ramp and several hangars. The army was on the opposite side and lower and the cargo ramp was out of sight too. The Blackhawk hangar was reachable although it was unclear whether this was allowed, but there were more civilians walking in and out there, so quite do-able and worthwhile because the identities could be checked now! More Tigers were probably parked in the large new maintenance hangar, two could be poled off with some effort after dusk because the lights were on in the hangar. Lastly, the cargo ramp, were the visiting Herk was parked, contained at least one EMB120/C-97. Needless to say, no public transport to hand at Brazilian airshows, so a cheap rental car comes in handy.


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