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Natal 2005

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Date: 20 November 2005

Made by:


5518		A-1		1°/16°GAv        
5553	        A-1B	        1°/16°GAv        
5912	        A-29B	        2°/5°GAv         
2291	        C-95A	        PAMA-LS          
2338	        EC-95C	        GEIV             
2008	        C-97	        6°ETA            
2522	        C-99A	        1°/2°GT          
2467	        C-130H	        1°/1°GT          
4906	        F-103D	        1°GDA            
7105	        P-95B	        1°/7°GAv         
..14	        AT-26	        1°/4°GAv/diamonds
1x		H-1		nn
1x		H-50		nn
1x		R-99		nn

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