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Pirassununga,Brasil 2011

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Date: 7 August 2011

Made by: Scramble


5519            A-1A          1°/16°GAv
5713            A-29A         3°/3°GAv
5902            A-29B  
2590            VC-2          GTE
2811            SC-105        2°/10°GAv
6703            E-99          2°/6°GAv
4824            F-5EM         1°GAvCa
4948            F-2000C       1°GDA
0152            G-19          CVV
8736            CH-34         3°/8°GAv
8766, 8787      H-50          AFA
7057            P-95A         4°/7°GAv
1847            T-25A         2°EIA/AFA
1836, 1853      T-25C         2°EIA/AFA
1961            T-25C         2°EIA/AFA
4467            AT-26         CTA/IPEV
8232            TZ-17         AFA/CVV
N-4006          AH-11A        HA-1
PP-ZFE          T-28B         Private  ex USN 140018
PR-TKG          ATR42-500     Trip
PR-PSM          ERJ145LR      Passaredo
PT-DHI/4        Beech 18      Circo Aéreo  or/y c/s
PT-KRC/1        AT-6          Circo Aéreo  turquoise c/s
PT-LDQ/2        AT-6          Circo Aéreo  purple c/s
Obviously, much more was present but these were the only serials that could be gleaned from photographs. 
Fumaça were also here of course.

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