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Pirassununga 2013

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Pirassununga Domingo Aereo
Date: 11-8-2013
5515 A-1A nn  
2701 C-98 nn  
2806 C-105A nn  
2461 KC-130 1°/1°GT  
4864 F-5EM 1°GAvC  
4932 F-2000B 1°GDA  
8738 H-34 3°/8°GAv  
7207 P-3AM 1°/7°GAv  
1835, 1925 T-25A 2°EIA  
1308, 1360 T-27 1°EIA  
N-3034 MH-16 HS-1  
The F-5EM was towed to the flightline
5724 A-29A EDA Fumaça  
1378 T-27 1°EIA  
8077 +1 TZ-23 CVV  
PT-TRB T-6 “1542” ex FAB 1643
Flightline / sheds / flying:
5927 A-29B 2°/5°GAv  
5963, 5964, 5966 A-29B EDA Fumaça  
2101 VC-1A GTE visitor
C-95B AFA?  
2301 C-95BM 4°ETA  
8761 H-50 AFA  
1911, 1943 T-25A 2°EIA  
1965, 1969 T-25C 2°EIA  
4509 AT-26 CTA/GEEV  
1348, 1368 T-27 1°EIA  
1389, 1393 T-27 1°EIA  
8031 TZ-17 CVV  
EB-5001 HM-4 1°BAvEx  
PR-SGM A109E Voar  
PT-HLB/Águia 12 AS350 Policía Militar SP  
PT-KRC/1 AT-6D ex FAB 1706, turquoise c/s  
PT-LDQ/2 AT-6B ex 41-17127, lilac c/s  
PT-LDO/3 AT-6D orange c/s  
PT-DHI/4 Beech E18S red/orange c/s  
Parked on grass:
1341, 1385, 1414 T-27 1°EIA  
1431, 1443 +12 T-27 1°EIA  
4598 AT-26 main road on base  
The colourful team with three Harvards and a Beech 18 is no longer named Esquadrilha Oi after its sponsor, but now owned by Extreme Demontrações Aereas.
Considering that the log comes from photographs only, a proper spotter would probably harvest even more at this yearly venue than the already handsome bunch above!


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