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Rio de Janeiro 1964

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Date: 25 October 1964

Made by:


N8997C		PA22 Tri-Pacer
PP-AJD		DC-3			T.A. Catarinense             
PP-AJE		DC-3		        T.A. Catarinense             
PP-AKE		C-46		        VARIG                        
PP-ASR		DC-3		        Sadia S.A. Transportes Aereos
PP-BLE		C-46		        VASP                         
PP-BZU		Cessna 182                                           
PP-CBT		DC-3		        Cruzeiro do Sul              
PP-CBU		DC-3		        Cruzeiro do Sul              
PP-CBZ		DC-3		        Cruzeiro do Sul              
PP-CDA		Beech AT-11	        Cruzeiro do Sul              
PP-CDU		DC-3		        Cruzeiro do Sul              
PP-CDZ		Convair 340	        Cruzeiro do Sul              
PP-CED		DC-3		        Cruzeiro do Sul              
PP-CEN		Convair 440 	        Cruzeiro do Sul              
PP-CER		Convair 440 	        Cruzeiro do Sul              
PP-CEY		Convair 240 	        Cruzeiro do Sul              
PP-CFA		Convair 240 	        Cruzeiro do Sul              
PP-CFC		Convair 240 	        Cruzeiro do Sul              
PP-DEX		Neiva Paulistinha 56-B
PP-DKO		Beech 18
PP-EDS		PA Aztec
PP-FCS		Cessna 172
PP-FNC		Aero Commander
PP-FND		Aero Commander
PP-FNH		Mooney M-20
PP-LDF		C-46                                 
PP-LES		DC-4		        VASP         
PP-LET		DC-4		        VASP         
PP-LEY		DC-4		        VASP         
PP-LEZ		DC-4		        VASP         
PP-NAO		C-46		        VASP         
PP-NAP		C-46		        VASP         
PP-NMG		C-46		        VASP         
PP-PDH		L-049 Constellation	Panair do Brasil (static)
PP-SDG		HP Herald		Sadia 
PP-SRJ		V701 Viscount	        VASP  
PP-SRP		V701 Viscount	        VASP  
PP-SRQ		V701 Viscount	        VASP  
PP-VCN		Convair 240	        VARIG 
PP-VCP		Convair 240	        VARIG 
PP-VCR		Convair 240	        VARIG 
PP-VCV		Convair 240	        VARIG 
PP-VIA		Lockheed 12A                  
PP-VJP		L188c Electra	        VARIG 
PT-AZA		Cessna 180
PT-BFX		Beech 18
PT-BNS		Cessna 150
PT-BSX		Cessna 182		LADER (Taxi)
PT-BUZ		Cessna 182
PT-BVB		Beech Baron
PT-BVE		Cessna 205
PT-BVO		Cessna 182
PT-BZA		Neiva N-591 Regente	(static)
PT-CDB		Beech AT-11		(derelict)
PT-CDU		Lockheed 12A
PT-CDX		Lockheed Ventura
PT-CEZ		Beech 65-80 Queen Air
2821		Beech C-45		FAB
2879		Beech E18S		FAB
2502		HS748			FAB
2504		HS748			FAB
1427		NA T-6 			FAB Esquadrana do Fumaca (+ Team)
O-48275		C-47			USAF US Military Mission to Uruguay

Note:  Identification may be shaky for some aircraft types as I was unfamiliar
with them. The above is a list of aircraft seen but few were on display. There
were many more aircraft in lines on the airfield but distance and time made it
impossible to identify them.  Other FAB aircraft present included a B-25, a C-47
and a Fokker S12. 

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